Oh how I love long hair - hair that is "down to my boobs". 
I've always wanted it; stroked my hair strands encouragingly; resented my hairdressers for their overenthusiastic trims.... WE SHALL GET THERE ONE DAY, my lovely locks.


Pics from: Fashion Me a Smile

Simple weekend activities

Just mornings in the sunshine with Mum. 


When you're sick but have to dress up

I came down with a cold on Tuesday and it's swept me up in rapid and annoying stages:
a razor-blade sore throat, raspy voice, onslaught of mucus, and a constant stuffy/runny nose.
I feel good about the whole fast stages though, because as intense as they've been, the quicker they come, the faster they'll go, right!?


I had a movie premiere planned in my work diary for weeks - it was tonight.
So at 4pm my editor said, "Do you want to go home early and get ready?"
I was like ahhhhh no. Dressing up, putting on make-up, shaving my legs.... falls at the bottom of my 'things I'd most like to do' list!
But I had to do it anyway, trying not to look at my pajamas or bed/wish I could be in them.

My job at the premiere was quick and fun :) I couldn't hear people very well with my blocked nose/head but that was okay, I could tell they were all saying nice things to me haha!
I met some producers/actors that I didn't really know until I got home and Googled them a little out of curiosity.
A cute guy that was trying to talk to me turned out to be the actor in Lockie Leonard, Puberty Blues and CloudStreet, by the name of Sean Keenan.

I literally stayed just half an hour, then came home and got in my jim jams. Ahhhh yes.

Have you ever had to get dressed up when you really didn't want to? 

Ps. Don't ask me why I decided to blow my photos up x139409 times bigger on a day when I'm sick and run down, but I felt like it. You can't tell how much I'm sniffling and coughing in between :D.

Dress - Modcloth / Boots - Rivers

Watch yo'self

Reposted from Flattery:

left to right, top to bottom:

So I'm not the best time-managing kind of person; I can be late to work one day, early the next, and right on time the following day.
I probably wouldn't even observe the time ticking by if I had a wristwatch - but wow, these are all so cute, they don't even have to be practical to win my heart!

I'm especially fond of the map watch, followed by the floral/owl/deer ones. Which is your favourite?


Things don't always go the way you plan them - The Beautiful Girls

On Thursday I saw The Beautiful Girls live for the first and last time.
Not because they were bad; they were brilliant! But because they're breaking up to head in new directions.
Just as I jumped on the bandwagon.... sighhh... haha.

Here's a short article I put in last week's paper:

It was a great show, but they only played for two hours and then Mat put his head down and walked out the door straight away!
As a last performance ever, that's kind of slack, but I suppose with so many shows he just wanted to mellow out wherever he could.

We chatted to Bruce who was awesome, though he was losing his voice, poor guy, and had a pic taken with Paul.
A pic which is totally blurred out thanks to the drunk girl taking it for us haha! (Won't bother putting it up).

Friends Rich, Mo and Karen (who I play underwater hockey with). :)

And me!


Periscopes, by The Beautiful Girls -

Chase the sun

So last night, I really wanted to see Stonefield and Owl Eyes live at the Tav, but my only friend was too hungover to come out with me (weeeeaak!).
I sat on the couch all dolled up, thinking "Eeeee....ok, I'm going alone. I can do this."

How often is it that people go to gigs by themselves? Or to night clubs? Or music festivals?
I think there is a different amount of courage required for each of those, with gigs being in the middle. Night clubs require the most (or the biggest amount of sleaziness/creepiness) haha. Music festivals are easy as because people are drunk all day and there's no awkward standing around waiting for the bands to start!

Anyway, being a young girl I haven't gone off to events on my own too much. 
But I am SO glad I did last night!

Last time I saw Stonefield - Amy, Holly, Sarah and Hannah Findlay - was at Fowlers, Adelaide, August 2011. They rocked. They were freaking amazing, and so much cooler than anybody will ever be. 
This time was even better - their new tracks and cover of Magic Carpet Ride had the whole place kicking, and all the guys were into it too, which was great.

I didn't know Owl Eyes that well - had only heard the cover of Pumped Up Kicks, which is a beaut. But as I told Brooke - lead singer - after the show, I was super impressed! Their music is the kind that you can listen to and instantly connect with. I think she's extremely talented, because at just 22, she's staring out at the crowd and dancing with her hands held out in time to the music, with a great voice. I think the confidence surprised me because when you talk to her, Brooke is softly spoken and really sweet. 

I think the best thing is that these girls are real, genuine people, untainted by fame. They care about what their audience is feeling and thinking, and they don't mind hanging out after the show to sign a few posters or pose a gazillion times with drunken, doe-eyed fans haha.
Speaking of which....

I took this setlist as a souvenir, and was stoked with the incredibly nice message from Brooke.
I also bought a Stonefield t-shirt (above) FROM THE GIRLS' MUM! Haha, Janette. She was lovely and helped me choose which shirt to buy. I'm not kidding when I say I'm severely handicapped by my lack of decision-making skills. Just picture me standing there, arms at my sides, staring at the merch stall... "Uhhhhhhhhhhhh" .... scratching my head. :P 
I didn't suspect it was their mum until she started saying, "November?" in response to me telling her I saw them in Adelaide, "I don't think they had a tour then". She was right, it was actually August. 
"You're a cool mum!", I said, undrunkenly. 
I suppose she would have thought I had consumed a few more than one drink but oh well :).

Okay, end of rant.
Summary of points: Go and see Owl Eyes and Stonefield. And if you're on your own, don't be afraid. Usually the music is so good you would only be annoyed by someone trying to talk to you while you're trying to freaking dance.


Ps. For those who haven't heard the bands before, you'll want to check these out...

This Means War

If you're a girl who's feeling crappy about a break-up then, seriously, go and watch This Means War.

Reese Witherspoon plays Lauren, a girl who bumps into her ex and his fiancé on the street and feels like a loser because she hasn't met anyone else.

With a little force from her (crazy) best friend, she decides to meet up with a guy from an online dating site. Following the successful date, she walks out with a bounce in her step and a smile on her face into the video store, where she meets another guy who is a complete try-hard romancer.

She ends up dating both guys at once and can't decide who she likes more.

Sound gay?

Then chuck in the fact that the guys are best friends AND CIA agents who abuse their access to hi-tech spy gadgets in order to watch the girl and decide for themselves who she likes more.

Watch this if you're looking for something light, entertaining and distracting.
And definitely if you like attractive men - but this isn't a prerequisite. My stepdad enjoyed the film too.
It's not a "Wow the directors are geniuses and I feel so smart for watching this" kind of film, but it's the type of light and slightly clever comedy that's not going to make you cringe in reaction to corny cliché lines and moments.

Note: I don't know why the actors' eyes are so insanely blue. They have to be wearing contacts, it looks unnatural.


Some simple advice and an awesome shirt

Don't dress for your job; dress for you.
Why? Because the black pants and white shirt combo brings no fun to your day.

As a journalist I try and keep a 'smart' appearance, but never plain.
This is my favourite shirt from Modcloth, and denim jacket from the op shop.


When all your PJs are in the wash....

This is NOT a nappy.

I had been pondering over whether to post this picture or not... but thought, 'Hey, what am I? A fashionista - similar to the likes of Sincerely, Jules and Flashes of Style? Or am I a dork?'
....Simply look at the above photo and you have your answer.
I'm not pretending to be anything. :D

Anyway, nights have been FREEZING here, and when I got out to my bungalow late last night and found I had no pyjama pants or track pants due to everything being freshly washed and damp, I was annoyed.
Rummaging through my closet, I found some PJ shorts. Put those on. Too cold. This wouldn't do. 
I then found this white cardigan.... warm, cuddly material... too daggy for me to care about ever wearing as a cardigan... 
"Hmm. I wonder."
I stepped into it and buttoned it up at the back.

Of course, it looks hideous. Hilariously hideous.
I know how the whole 'harem pants' trend came back. Yuck.

But I slept well.
And now my PJs are back from the wash and I can be normal again.

Also, don't diss the teddy dressing gown. 


My sister

Lucy and I walking home at 7am after a night out in Margs - yew!

On the last post I spoke about the friends I get to speak with every now and then, who still make my life awesome.
I wanted to give a special thanks to someone I get to communicate with much more regularly. Who is easily my bestest friend out there, and actually miles more important than any boyfriend.
This is my sister Lucy. :)

Over the past weeks - quite possibly the toughest of my life - she has been my (pet?) rock (with googly eyes?) haha.
Seriously, calling me up for hours of chatting and consoling. Using all her life experiences and all her heart to try and make me understand that I won't hurt forever.
She is amazing.

I can only hope that you, whoever you are, reading this post, has a sibling or friend as special as this.

Thanks Luce, I love you!



Have you ever wished you had a big, tightly-knit group of friends like those in the beloved F.r.i.e.n.d.s series?
Of course! Everyone has.
But what can we do about it when we're leading a life of change - that takes us to a new neighbourhood every few years? When we're feeling socially disconnected from everyone around us?
Answer: We find a bunch of rocks, stick googly eyes on them, and name this one "Chandler", this one "Ross" and this one "Phoebe".

.....No we don't!
We remember that we actually do have one friend that is actually so great that they're worth six of them.
Or that we have two great friends, or three.  They just live far away in different towns and they don't know each other.

It doesn't matter.
Times when you're feeling down and like "Nobody cares about me", chances are you're wrong. And in any case, you're being a sook.

I've been lonely in this town, and this state, since my best friend and once constant companion left it. But I totally forgot about my other friends - the ones that aren't always present but are always there, just a phone call away.

A drunk phone call from Jason, a long and detailed email from Allana, a three-hour chat with Erika.
They're all in South Australia but after they contacted me this weekend via technology, I feel super elated and lucky to have such champion people in my life, who care so much that they're reaching out to socialise beyond the convenient situations.

I don't care that I can't sit around a table every day with the same coffee club kind of group, sharing stories with stunningly witty or silly quotes.
I have mates here and there who are doing their own things and becoming stronger and wiser every week. I get to hear from them maybe once a month, but man I cherish that quality time.

Thanks guys.


Just another outfit post

Usually I'd wake up on a Sunday and chuck on trackies and a band tee.
Today, I didn't.


To market, to market

Karen and Joe, the friendly seafood stall guy at the Saturday morning market.

 Casual weekend attire.

Bowie wanting to bounce all over my legs as soon as I try to take a pic.

Hey guys,

Today was pretty awesome so I feel like sharing.

My English friend Karen had a rare Saturday off work, so I showed her both the Margaret River Lions Shed sale and the Farmer's Market. Not surprisingly, she loved them! :)

While enjoying the busy market and the morning sun, I took a heap of social pics for the paper.
One of the people I approached was a lovely man selling seafood. 
His stall was out of the way and didn't seem to be getting much attention, but Karen and I were keen to see what he had to offer.
He was so excited to be in a photo, that he trawled through his van to find his business card and a laminated piece of paper that displayed feedback from his past happy customers. Cute.
We chatted for a bit about Portugal, his home country, and then went to leave, but before we could he stopped us and said, "Wait, you have to take this with you!", and went back to his van.
He grabbed two jars of marinated octopus/prawns and told us they would be lovely just on their own.
We were so stoked! 
Such a friendly character, made me smile :).
I'll get back to you on what the octopus tastes like haha.

After browsing and tasting all the free samples, Karen and I just sat in the sun eating fresh apples and mam-mams (mandarins) until we had to take our jumpers off and find shade. 
That's right, winter is waning! Well, almost. We also went to the beach (in bathers and all - so hopeful!) but it wasn't warm enough to swim so we just lazed on the sand and looked at the plants that the community planted there a few weeks ago. 

Hope you had a super Saturday too, whatever you did!


A spot of dancing

Just doing a little dance!

I love my new skirt! 
From River Island, ordered from ASOS, it's a full circle skirt covered in wicked sick polka dots.

I wore this to Friday night's gig at the local tav, featuring surfie band: Band of Frequencies.
They started out sooooo mellow - with a screen showing footage of the ocean and dolphins, whilst they played slow, relaxing and slightly eerie ocean noises/music. Then they kicked it up a bit with vocals, melodies and beats.

I (almost) peed myself laughing at the hilarious dancers. Honestly, I could never fully describe them through text - you'd have to see it to believe it. 
There was an older man - bald head, tall and skinny frame - who was jigging about with straight arms and legs, looking "like a corpse" in Karen's opinion. He had such a serious face on which made it funnier! His friend, another older man, was proud that he'd mastered some sort of bum wiggle which he did constantly (haha!). A younger guy jutted about like a chicken. And then this woman.... short and full of attitude, was owning the dancefloor and dancing with absolutely everybody as she thrust about. She took her dancing very seriously, looking very focused and not caring about who was watching.

When Kazza and I hit the df (after spectating for most of the show) we simply imitated all those we had seen until we were laughing too much.



Wearing: Jacket: Factorie; Top: Target; Skirt: Asos; Leggings: Myer; Boots: Rivers.

Nothing but good music

Hey guys.
Haven't posted in a while - gotta admit I've been going through some rough stuff.
Life has its letdowns, but music gets us through, and I'm happy to say I think I'm coping alright.

(Lovely friends and family help also!).

Anyway, listen to this song - Alter Ego by Tame Impala.
I had it on my iPod for so long without giving it any playtime, but the other night I was 'exploring' my song stash and thought, 'HEY. Why didn't I like this before?'
I think different kinds of music suit different stages of our lives, and I probably wasn't needing something so chilled, simple and uplifting when I got the CD last year, but now it's totally appropriate.

:) x