Who is this girl?

Ahoy, my name is Zannia, please say it like this: "zahh-knee-ahh", never like this: "zahn-yah".
I like making friends with stray dogs.

I'm a 22 year old journalist living Margaret River, Western Australia - an amazing place, with top surf and wine, so it's a town full of hippies and drunks as you can imagine!

I generally just blog about my day, and try to share a sense of my style in what I wear, if I can convince any poor soul who is around to take a photo of me. I will avoid taking my outfit photos in public because I was recently ran into by a man on his bike at the last attempt, from which I'm still recovering...ha.

Really keen to meet strangers and I always love being introduced to a new blog! Please leave me a comment if you feel like it, I assure you I will be thrilled.

(: Much love.


  1. your pictures are beautiful! love the different outfits and your paintings - inspiring :)

    1. Aw, thank you (: I'm thrilled that my little fun-time blog can inspire others.


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