Have you ever wished you had a big, tightly-knit group of friends like those in the beloved F.r.i.e.n.d.s series?
Of course! Everyone has.
But what can we do about it when we're leading a life of change - that takes us to a new neighbourhood every few years? When we're feeling socially disconnected from everyone around us?
Answer: We find a bunch of rocks, stick googly eyes on them, and name this one "Chandler", this one "Ross" and this one "Phoebe".

.....No we don't!
We remember that we actually do have one friend that is actually so great that they're worth six of them.
Or that we have two great friends, or three.  They just live far away in different towns and they don't know each other.

It doesn't matter.
Times when you're feeling down and like "Nobody cares about me", chances are you're wrong. And in any case, you're being a sook.

I've been lonely in this town, and this state, since my best friend and once constant companion left it. But I totally forgot about my other friends - the ones that aren't always present but are always there, just a phone call away.

A drunk phone call from Jason, a long and detailed email from Allana, a three-hour chat with Erika.
They're all in South Australia but after they contacted me this weekend via technology, I feel super elated and lucky to have such champion people in my life, who care so much that they're reaching out to socialise beyond the convenient situations.

I don't care that I can't sit around a table every day with the same coffee club kind of group, sharing stories with stunningly witty or silly quotes.
I have mates here and there who are doing their own things and becoming stronger and wiser every week. I get to hear from them maybe once a month, but man I cherish that quality time.

Thanks guys.



  1. I totally agree! One good friend is worth a thousand fake friends. I don't think numbers matter, if you have one/two/three people to trust in the world, you're doing great. I love you so much! You're are an absolute gem xx
    Ps thanks for all the posts, I'm in blog heaven! x

    1. Yes! So true. Trust is the biggest and best thing about those special couple of friends.
      Make sure you remember this haha :D.
      And once I started blogging, in a sort of "mmmm okaayy, just because Lucy told me to" kind of way.... I couldn't stop! So much fun! xx

  2. Gah I'm almost in tears reading this you big jerky friend!! Haha I love you Zannia and I know exactly what you mean and how you feel. I will always be a phone call away any time you need me :) friends forever ya goober xo


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