Nothing but good music

Hey guys.
Haven't posted in a while - gotta admit I've been going through some rough stuff.
Life has its letdowns, but music gets us through, and I'm happy to say I think I'm coping alright.

(Lovely friends and family help also!).

Anyway, listen to this song - Alter Ego by Tame Impala.
I had it on my iPod for so long without giving it any playtime, but the other night I was 'exploring' my song stash and thought, 'HEY. Why didn't I like this before?'
I think different kinds of music suit different stages of our lives, and I probably wasn't needing something so chilled, simple and uplifting when I got the CD last year, but now it's totally appropriate.

:) x


  1. Tame Impala are the bomb! Check out Loon Lake 'Fantastica'. New favourite band, and happened to see them live Friday night and they were amazing!
    Music makes me so happy. x

    1. DID YOU see them live??? Whatttttt. I want to! I'm pretty sure they have been at festivals I've been at, but I never saw them. Hate it when that happens.
      I will look that one up :D thanks!


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