I started trying out my camera's remote control as promised; but you can probably spot it in all the pics!


Wearing: Thrifted jacket | Mink Pink jumper | Spicysugar pants | Rubi shoes boots | Sportsgirl beanie


I've got a daily style post coming up soon, but in the meantime, have a listen to the above by Shlohmo.


Ode to Winter


With a touch of plum

Simple with plum

This is an outfit I'd really love to own, especially the boots. They're about $300 a pair so maybe, one day, when I'm not trying to save.


Awesome news; Dylana from Color Me Nana has a sister, and her blog is just as much fun to follow!

While Dylana is whimsical and very Free People hippie-inspired, Natalie of Natalie Off Duty has more of a vintage rocker edge (boasting some very enviable band tees), but in any case, they do share clothes and both sisters have incredible taste and talent for putting outfits together.

Now my Splendour trip is only 10 days away and I care for nothing except clothes, photography, and organising my funds. Work? Ehhhhhhhh. Still trying to keep up with doing the newspaper by myself (long story) but it's hard to keep concentration when I'm this excited! Also quite unwell/tired from all the stress.
Holiday come at me. 


Taking selfies is hard work

I started this blog with the intent of sharing my (sometimes carelessly thrown together) daily style.
I'll admit I have been incredibly slack on this front. I watch fashion and lifestyle bloggers post pretty pictures daily and I think, How on earth did you find time between eating and sleeping and working to do that?
But I've realised: there is time in any day to be photographed and chuck it up on the computer. It just takes massive dedication to take those photos on your own. Trying to get a full-body shot is a nightmare! Perching my camera on top of cars, asking my 13-year-old brother to help (who, by the way, currently has a broken arm), holding the camera as far as I can from my face without dislocating my own ligaments...
I did exactly all of that for you today.
But tomorrow, TOMORRROW, I am going to do something different.
I am going to unwrap that nifty little remote control I ordered on eBay last year, and brush the dust off my tripod.
Yeah I know, how genius am I to actually use my resources?

Look forward to it.


Wearing Sportsgirl beanie | thrifted jacket | Temt top | Spicysugar pants | Urban Outfitters watch | Target flats

How splendid; a new blog to stalk

Oh my gosh, if I was ever to steal someone's wardrobe, Dylana of Colour Me Nana would be my target for sure. Especially because she has so many enviable things listed as 'vintage'. (Wow, really? I can't buy that in a shop? :( )
My favourite thing to look at is all her awesome jackets and the effortless way she layers them over jeans or a dress. This is perfect inspiration for Splendour in the Grass.