Not my phone, but. 

My phone fell and smashed today, and I cried.
The shock of maybe losing all my precious text messages and photos - especially those shared between me and people that have been hugely important in my life - was overwhelming.
I feel silly, being so attached to little bits of text and pixels... but memories are precious, and they're the only way I can ever go back to those moments.

Do you keep sentimental things on your phone?
Maybe you get protective about other memory-stores, like photo albums or particular pieces of clothing you don't want to throw away because its rips and stains capture a fleeting bit of your history.

When I get sentimental about silly material things, I think about people like Mother Teresa, who gave up absolutely every belonging to start afresh and to disconnect with material objects which really have no value at all in the grand scheme of things.


Smells like springtime

A cheeky match-up between my nails and bra.

I'm kidding myself if I believe it's even close to spring - Margaret River has been pretty cold and dreary lately, but that said, we had some amazing weather on the weekend.
I was inspired to wear a floral dress from Modcloth, available here, and even made myself a flower crown in my hair.
It's super easy to do - just make two plaits at the front of your hair, and bring them around to connect at the back. Secure them with bobby pins and then just poke some flowers in the plaits. 

I ended up putting white floral stockings and boots on, but for a while, it felt like a floaty, free spring day.


A nice night for murder

Digging the scene - and our ciggies!

The birthday girl, Jess.

Last night was rockin'. 
Jess' parents went to an extreme amount of effort - the resort they booked out was decked with 1950s-style decorations, the food was amazing with hot dogs and burgers in a  traditional diner style setting, even the music they played was all hits from the 50s!

All the guests dressed up smashingly, as you can see from the pics, and everyone played their assigned 'characters' to a tee.

My mum was assigned a character called Maria, so she put on an Italian accent when questioning the guests about the murder! My stepdad Ondy was really into it too, and I know he got a few votes for best performer.

I think the murder mystery was pretty full on - I didn't solve it correctly, but then again only about 5 of about 50 people worked it out.
I was so set on figuring it out that I totally forgot to eat or drink much haha, at the end of the night I realised I'd grabbed only three chips and a creaming soda spider drink!

Anyway it was definitely a fun event, and I'm sure everyone agrees. :)  

By the way, watching people puffing on fake cigarettes was hilarious.
I saw one guy taking a 'drag' and then stopping to sip his beer before putting the ciggy up to his mouth straight after again, like he was really enjoying it.


The vintage life

Too many times I've said, "Old-style clothing was so cool - I wish everyone wore stuff like that these days!"
This morning I discovered that people do! There are genuine blogs online that depict the lives of girls and guys who choose to live vintage style every day.

I noticed that one lady, the author of The Rockabilly Socialite, hangs out at places and with people that all match her fondness for the 1950s style - her friends are all vintage babes, even the guys!


Anyway, tonight is Jess' 1950s murder mystery party! Keen as. 
Will post lotssssss of pics on here, I promise, you'll be swamped.


A few words of respect

There are times when you have a whole lot to say, but you don't know how to say it, and you find that someone else has said it perfectly for you.

I have spoken about my soft spot for the TV show Desperate Housewives before here, but the eight-season series finished with me today, and I just wanted to mark the occasion with a post.
The below is a summary and goodbye from mallamun's tumblr post I came across here.
This can't possibly say everything I've ever thought over the eight years of watching this show, or explain how much it has been able to teach someone who is growing from a 13-year-old know-it-all, to a 21-year-old that realises she still has much to learn...
But it still does pretty well in summing up what a great show DH is. :)

Just finished watching the series finale of Desperate Housewives.
I know it’s really corny, but I got hooked on the show when I was in a very dark place, and its overly simplistic, emotive, ultimately heartwarming dramas helped my heart. Felicity Huffman and Doug Savant are such breathtakingly talented actors, and their characters’ arc brought a gravity to the show that seems almost out of place, but I’m so happy with what the writers did with it. I think real-life people in similar situations can draw a lot from their story.
The show is completely worth watching JUST to see the once-in-a-lifetime chemistry between these two actors. Seriously.
(I mean, LOOK at him. He’s acting SO much with just his eyes, here.)  
Then there’s Bree.
Don’t even get me started. I don’t know how they managed to theme an entire character on something like this and make them so sympathetic. A right-wing conservative woman struggling with the hypocrisy that arises from the friction created between her irrational principles and her human nature? Devout NRA member who makes the world’s greatest scones? You never thought you’d say, “Yes, please!” They took this character through every possible scandal a right-wing conservative might fear—from the gay son to the kinky husband—and illuminated Bree’s humanity through it all in a way that was clever, funny, and thoughtful.
Somehow, they managed to show that it’s possible to become a wiser human being while still, er, sticking to your guns.
(And I’ve godda say, the bedroom scene between her and Orson remains the funniest moment I have ever witnessed on television. “Well, I’m a libertarian!”)
And then there’s the mature teenage daughter, trying to raise her extremely silly mother… Struck a cord or two, and I don’t think I’ve ever seen this particular dynamic addressed so well. Julie is so believable, which is what tends to be missing from these “daughter raising mother” plots, and Susan’s particular brand of cluelessness is one I think many people can recognize in their own mothers.
The show is offensive, reductive, and oftentimes downright bad, but that’s the nature of a good soap. In-between all the madness, it manages to capture some truly profound glimpses into human nature, and it certainly manages to bypass the brain and go straight for the gut. Maybe it’s able to do these things because it doesn’t have to be apologetic. It can “go there” with whatever topic it likes, because, well, the title of the show is Desperate Housewives.
And “go there” it has.
What’s more, it just gets better and better with time, and goes out on its strongest note yet. How many 8-season-long shows can say that?
Brenda Strong, it’s been a pleasure listening to you say “Yes” for the past few years. It must be nice, being able to pay your rent with a weekly 30-second audio clip!
Thank you, girls. You’ll always be playing poker in my mind!

I hope you have also had the pleasure of watching it all, or a few episodes here and there - and if not, you know what to pick up next time at the video store!