Things don't always go the way you plan them - The Beautiful Girls

On Thursday I saw The Beautiful Girls live for the first and last time.
Not because they were bad; they were brilliant! But because they're breaking up to head in new directions.
Just as I jumped on the bandwagon.... sighhh... haha.

Here's a short article I put in last week's paper:

It was a great show, but they only played for two hours and then Mat put his head down and walked out the door straight away!
As a last performance ever, that's kind of slack, but I suppose with so many shows he just wanted to mellow out wherever he could.

We chatted to Bruce who was awesome, though he was losing his voice, poor guy, and had a pic taken with Paul.
A pic which is totally blurred out thanks to the drunk girl taking it for us haha! (Won't bother putting it up).

Friends Rich, Mo and Karen (who I play underwater hockey with). :)

And me!


Periscopes, by The Beautiful Girls -

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  1. Hi dear! We follow each other on chictopia. Ilove your outfit posts so thought I'd follow your blog too! Hope you visit my new blog as well and follow back.



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