Craving cuteness

I think I really love flower prints and collars at the moment.
When I have money, I'm going to buy all of these dresses from Modcloth and more.


You want to know something ridiculous?

These shorts!
I ordered them on eBay, on the basis of this picture:

Here they appear to be white, lacy, and pretty.
But in reality they are so super gawdy it’s not funny.
Actually, I lie. It is very funny, and I had a great time joking about them with Mum.
“They look like something Liberachi would wear!” she squealed.
Time to resell them, or cut them up and make a pin cushion.


Everybody knows money woes

My friends: Blacky, Nick, Narelle and Landon enjoying a day out with sparkling nashi wine at the Berry Farm, Margaret River.

Two weeks ago, I was living the high life, splashing money all over the place.
Going to the beach? Let’s pick up a six-pack of ciders, I’d say.
Hungry? It was a choice of fresh, ready-made meals from IGA, the pub or takeaway Indian/pizza/Chow.
I drove my fuel-guzzling car from house to beach to winery to town non-stop, and I shouted my visiting friends to whatever indulgence I could.
I love living that way.

However, it caught up with me and this week life decided to teach me a lesson.
On Monday, I was driving home from the beach when I was pulled over by the police for a broken headlight (care of roo incident two weeks prior).

I did well in hiding the fact that I’d just shared a whole bottle of sparkling passionfruit with Nick  and they didn’t breathalyze me, thank goodness (ps. I will never drive post-drinking again).
But I got what WA calls a “yellow sticker” which means my baby Merc is under strict order to visit “the pits” where it will be scrutinised from bonnet to tail light and slapped with many bills for fixing whatever they find. Gah.

That same night, my Mum sent me a worried message on Facebook. “Zann, Jaz is sick. I don’t know what’s wrong. She has a large lump on her leg and she seems listless and sad.”
I took Jaz to the vet the following day and discovered she had cancer.
Luckily, the kind vet told me that it won’t harm her and can’t spread, but it will eventually irritate her enough that it will have to be removed before it grows back within the following 12 months.
$200 for that was definitely worth it, but with $0 savings I was suddenly worried about affording everything I needed to pay for – phone bill, rent, flights to and from Adelaide next week, my car. 

Adults are faced with so much responsibility which can be lurking in the subconscious for so long, until life goes, ‘Wait! You cannot have this much fun!”
So everyone has to learn how to behave and save for that famed rainy day we’re all warned about.
Have you learnt to save by whatever age you are now? Was there a particular event that taught you a lesson?


Festival time again

Southbound came and went on the weekend, with a massive two days of AMAZING acts - I couldn't believe how sweet the line-up was.

Highlights were Bombay Bicycle Club, Flume, SBTRKT, DJ Alison Wonderland and Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs, mainly because I loved dancing like a hoon to them all.
I would have liked to have included San Cisco, but I watched them (apparently) without being able to remember much :\. As you do at festivals.

It's crazy that it's been a whole year since the last Southbound (read last year's post here and my tale of working at the festival gates here).
I went with a totally different group of people this time - my best friends from SA who traveled over to visit me, and my boy-'friend', Nick. :)

With the first festival for the summer ticked off, it's time to look forward to Big Day Out, Laneway and Soundwave - got all my tickets already and I'm keeeeen.

Which is your favourite festival that you've been to, or what are you looking forward to?
Recommended acts?


Wtf, why you so cool?

So I haven't posted in a looooonnnngggggg time.
But I have continued to be inspired by my favourite bloggers, like the above, and thought I'd link you up and tell you to check out some wicked-sick and TDF-cute outfits!

That is Annika from The Pineneedle Collective, dressed in clothes that make me envious and want to put my hands up to my face and squeal the same way you do when you see an adorable puppy dog.

So you should click on that link and suss out her style as well as her op-shopping mastery and DIY delights.

Next up is Bonnie of Flashes of Style, whose outfits ooze sophistication yet rock a visible doseage of all things girly and a little bit of 'alternative' in her style.

Bonnie lives in New York, so when I'm looking for inspiration for summer threads, I have to click on her archives and look at June-August photos.
I think I definitely want a floaty, floral pinafore like the above. Eeee, so cute.

Anywho, I will try and get back to blogging, but I'm kinda distracted by other things in life at the moment. Clue to be found in the photo from me below. ;)

See you in a couple of days and possibly with a new layout!