Lately I've been...

1. Wearing big bows in my hair, even on stormy days.
2. Admiring the cool things in my boyfriend's room, including his fish-like skateboard.
3. Trying to save. Trying really hard.
4. Enjoying relaxing days with my boyfriend, who cooks a killer breakfast.
5. Having fun setting up surprises on my second-ever official Valentines Day.
6. BEING surprised with an amazing home-cooked meal of Moroccan lamb with sparkling strawberry wine.

7. Planning more appropriate and nice workwear following an incident where I rocked up in cut-off jeans and Converse. Yeah.
8. Making manky beer bottles a beautiful feature.
9. Loving my dogs, Jaz and Bowie.
10. Reporting on beer festivals with my good friend Jess and trying to not get drunk from all the free samples.


So much inspiration

Recently my sister complained that she wanted to dress differently/update her wardrobe but she couldn't find anything to inspire her.
This is kind of my reply.

I find inspiration everywhere! I'm constantly obsessing over blogs, saving pics from Instagram, and even admiring friends of mine (like Cassie, above, who I think looks super sweet in purple tie-dye shorts and tied white blouse!).
Then of course there's music festivals, where the best of the daring and/or whimsical fashion is on display.
I am definitely caught up in the craze of flower crowns, retro bathers and brogues right now.
I also have been digging darker red lips (see pic 5) and, for some reason, sharks, which normally terrify me. Don't ask how sharks really influence my dressing sense. :\

Tell me, what inspires you?
Much love, 


Nice day for a surprise wedding

Bridesmaids; Amanda, me, Lorelle and Hannah

Selfies with the beautiful bride

 The official signing of papers - eee!
 Cute table decorations at the reception

The girls

Boyfriend and I 

The glowing newlyweds

Getting ready

Best mate Blacky

The drunken groom and I

Barty and Blacky sharing some love

Relaxing by the wall

Sweet shoes

Photobooth time!

I had the honour and privilege of being a bridesmaid at my first-ever wedding last weekend, not including being a flower girl at my uncle's wedding when I was 11 or so.

It could very well be the first and BEST wedding I'll ever attend, there was so much to enjoy about it.
A surprise wedding, held by the river, a beautiful bride with bare feet and awesome groom in an op-shop suit, cute and quirky decorations everywhere, and not to mention the $1800 worth of champagne for all...

The newlyweds to be congratulated are two of my best friends, Narelle and Landon, who have been together since they were 13. Now, at 22 and 23 years old, they are officially married! It's crazy to suddenly have a married couple as your closest friends. I feel more grown up just knowing them.

As you can see from the photos, it was an amazing occasion. The 350+ people invited were surprised indeed, as they had originally been invited to "an engagement party".

For people who weren't too busy dancing drunk (cough: Blacky and Barty; see above photo of boys groping each other on the dance floor), there was a vintage photobooth to keep everyone entertained, with plenty of hilarious dress-up clothes to play with.

For me, the greatest thing about the day was being able to be there to support Narelle on her perfect, laidback and romantic day, even though I have moved interstate, away from her. She had let me in on the secret only a month or so ago, and I had only tried on my dress on the morning of the wedding. The whole thing was so exciting, with a hen's brunch in the morning where we gorged on chocolate and helped each other get ready before absolutely freaking out during the car ride to the wedding venue.
Well.... I was constantly complaining of sweating and wanting to wee myself hahaha, until we put on a 'gangsta song' and danced and laughed the rest of the way.
I led the bridesmaids down an undefined grassy aisle, to the place where we watched Landon and Narelle share their first kiss as husband and wife - so, so special.

:) Thank you for letting me be a part of your wedding, guys.