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So last night, I really wanted to see Stonefield and Owl Eyes live at the Tav, but my only friend was too hungover to come out with me (weeeeaak!).
I sat on the couch all dolled up, thinking "Eeeee....ok, I'm going alone. I can do this."

How often is it that people go to gigs by themselves? Or to night clubs? Or music festivals?
I think there is a different amount of courage required for each of those, with gigs being in the middle. Night clubs require the most (or the biggest amount of sleaziness/creepiness) haha. Music festivals are easy as because people are drunk all day and there's no awkward standing around waiting for the bands to start!

Anyway, being a young girl I haven't gone off to events on my own too much. 
But I am SO glad I did last night!

Last time I saw Stonefield - Amy, Holly, Sarah and Hannah Findlay - was at Fowlers, Adelaide, August 2011. They rocked. They were freaking amazing, and so much cooler than anybody will ever be. 
This time was even better - their new tracks and cover of Magic Carpet Ride had the whole place kicking, and all the guys were into it too, which was great.

I didn't know Owl Eyes that well - had only heard the cover of Pumped Up Kicks, which is a beaut. But as I told Brooke - lead singer - after the show, I was super impressed! Their music is the kind that you can listen to and instantly connect with. I think she's extremely talented, because at just 22, she's staring out at the crowd and dancing with her hands held out in time to the music, with a great voice. I think the confidence surprised me because when you talk to her, Brooke is softly spoken and really sweet. 

I think the best thing is that these girls are real, genuine people, untainted by fame. They care about what their audience is feeling and thinking, and they don't mind hanging out after the show to sign a few posters or pose a gazillion times with drunken, doe-eyed fans haha.
Speaking of which....

I took this setlist as a souvenir, and was stoked with the incredibly nice message from Brooke.
I also bought a Stonefield t-shirt (above) FROM THE GIRLS' MUM! Haha, Janette. She was lovely and helped me choose which shirt to buy. I'm not kidding when I say I'm severely handicapped by my lack of decision-making skills. Just picture me standing there, arms at my sides, staring at the merch stall... "Uhhhhhhhhhhhh" .... scratching my head. :P 
I didn't suspect it was their mum until she started saying, "November?" in response to me telling her I saw them in Adelaide, "I don't think they had a tour then". She was right, it was actually August. 
"You're a cool mum!", I said, undrunkenly. 
I suppose she would have thought I had consumed a few more than one drink but oh well :).

Okay, end of rant.
Summary of points: Go and see Owl Eyes and Stonefield. And if you're on your own, don't be afraid. Usually the music is so good you would only be annoyed by someone trying to talk to you while you're trying to freaking dance.


Ps. For those who haven't heard the bands before, you'll want to check these out...

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