When you're sick but have to dress up

I came down with a cold on Tuesday and it's swept me up in rapid and annoying stages:
a razor-blade sore throat, raspy voice, onslaught of mucus, and a constant stuffy/runny nose.
I feel good about the whole fast stages though, because as intense as they've been, the quicker they come, the faster they'll go, right!?


I had a movie premiere planned in my work diary for weeks - it was tonight.
So at 4pm my editor said, "Do you want to go home early and get ready?"
I was like ahhhhh no. Dressing up, putting on make-up, shaving my legs.... falls at the bottom of my 'things I'd most like to do' list!
But I had to do it anyway, trying not to look at my pajamas or bed/wish I could be in them.

My job at the premiere was quick and fun :) I couldn't hear people very well with my blocked nose/head but that was okay, I could tell they were all saying nice things to me haha!
I met some producers/actors that I didn't really know until I got home and Googled them a little out of curiosity.
A cute guy that was trying to talk to me turned out to be the actor in Lockie Leonard, Puberty Blues and CloudStreet, by the name of Sean Keenan.

I literally stayed just half an hour, then came home and got in my jim jams. Ahhhh yes.

Have you ever had to get dressed up when you really didn't want to? 

Ps. Don't ask me why I decided to blow my photos up x139409 times bigger on a day when I'm sick and run down, but I felt like it. You can't tell how much I'm sniffling and coughing in between :D.

Dress - Modcloth / Boots - Rivers

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