A spot of dancing

Just doing a little dance!

I love my new skirt! 
From River Island, ordered from ASOS, it's a full circle skirt covered in wicked sick polka dots.

I wore this to Friday night's gig at the local tav, featuring surfie band: Band of Frequencies.
They started out sooooo mellow - with a screen showing footage of the ocean and dolphins, whilst they played slow, relaxing and slightly eerie ocean noises/music. Then they kicked it up a bit with vocals, melodies and beats.

I (almost) peed myself laughing at the hilarious dancers. Honestly, I could never fully describe them through text - you'd have to see it to believe it. 
There was an older man - bald head, tall and skinny frame - who was jigging about with straight arms and legs, looking "like a corpse" in Karen's opinion. He had such a serious face on which made it funnier! His friend, another older man, was proud that he'd mastered some sort of bum wiggle which he did constantly (haha!). A younger guy jutted about like a chicken. And then this woman.... short and full of attitude, was owning the dancefloor and dancing with absolutely everybody as she thrust about. She took her dancing very seriously, looking very focused and not caring about who was watching.

When Kazza and I hit the df (after spectating for most of the show) we simply imitated all those we had seen until we were laughing too much.



Wearing: Jacket: Factorie; Top: Target; Skirt: Asos; Leggings: Myer; Boots: Rivers.


  1. I also have a River Island skirt that I adore! Except mine is black. I actually wear it to death though! Yours is adorable, may have to scope ASOS for a few more. I'd love to find an emerald green suede skater skirt.
    Love the jacket too, am totally trawling through all my fave online stores to find a leather jacket I like

    1. Black = so versatile hey.
      Emerald suede sounds mega!!
      Mine is Factorie and it was actually cheap, from Airlie. x

    2. Now I'm sad that we're so over circle skirts haha. Trends. Gah.


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