My sister

Lucy and I walking home at 7am after a night out in Margs - yew!

On the last post I spoke about the friends I get to speak with every now and then, who still make my life awesome.
I wanted to give a special thanks to someone I get to communicate with much more regularly. Who is easily my bestest friend out there, and actually miles more important than any boyfriend.
This is my sister Lucy. :)

Over the past weeks - quite possibly the toughest of my life - she has been my (pet?) rock (with googly eyes?) haha.
Seriously, calling me up for hours of chatting and consoling. Using all her life experiences and all her heart to try and make me understand that I won't hurt forever.
She is amazing.

I can only hope that you, whoever you are, reading this post, has a sibling or friend as special as this.

Thanks Luce, I love you!



  1. sisters are the best! you guys look beautiful :)
    would you like to follow each other?

  2. Thanks Katie :D
    Sure thing, I checked out your blog and I really like your collection of collars!


  3. Gasp! What a delightful surprise! A whole post dedicated to me! I love you sis, words cannot describe how much you mean to me! Am always here for you, you know that :)
    My world would be incomplete without an amazing sissy like you to keep me sane! See you sooooooon, it's nearly September! xxxxx

  4. Ps. Not going to lie, may have shed a tear reading this -_- xo

    1. Haha you cutie.
      :) :) It's so nice to read your response - I wasn't even expecting one.
      Love you too :D and man yeah I cannot waittttt! xx


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