Wtf, why you so cool?

So I haven't posted in a looooonnnngggggg time.
But I have continued to be inspired by my favourite bloggers, like the above, and thought I'd link you up and tell you to check out some wicked-sick and TDF-cute outfits!

That is Annika from The Pineneedle Collective, dressed in clothes that make me envious and want to put my hands up to my face and squeal the same way you do when you see an adorable puppy dog.

So you should click on that link and suss out her style as well as her op-shopping mastery and DIY delights.

Next up is Bonnie of Flashes of Style, whose outfits ooze sophistication yet rock a visible doseage of all things girly and a little bit of 'alternative' in her style.

Bonnie lives in New York, so when I'm looking for inspiration for summer threads, I have to click on her archives and look at June-August photos.
I think I definitely want a floaty, floral pinafore like the above. Eeee, so cute.

Anywho, I will try and get back to blogging, but I'm kinda distracted by other things in life at the moment. Clue to be found in the photo from me below. ;)

See you in a couple of days and possibly with a new layout!


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