To the city of culture

On the mother flippin' road:
Lucy, me, Erika and Kieran.

Melbourne. Radiohead. A car full of young whippersnappers getting high on life, junk food and good tunes during a nine-hour road trip. Markets. Piercings. A scummy, stinky hostel dorm room. More junk food. Losing a wallet/ID/money. Sailor Jerry. Giant op-shop. Stumbling across a glorious beer garden. Video Games - the song. Fresh juice. Going overboard in a lolly shop. Succeeding at navigating the tram lines. 

I didn't know where to begin in describing my amazing weekend in Melbourne, so there you go! There's all of it blurted out in a paragraph of key words.

At The Brunswick Green's beer garden:
eating TDF sausage rolls and spectating some guy's mission to bring down an umbrella.

Last Friday, my brother, sister, friend and I embarked on an epic road trip from Adelaide to Melbourne in the name of Radiohead, which was the band name printed on four concert tickets I held in my hand. Note: I came by these tickets with some wondrous luck mixed with enormous dedication and a 5am wake-up one morning in March (read here).

Sitting in the back seat of the car, where it was quite squishy and smelt like greasy human, was compensated for by having Lucy pick us rad songs to dance to, and picking up ciders on the way. (Cider makes everything better).
We happened to stop for food not once, but five times (!!), with hot dogs, Maccas, HJs, cakes and ice-cream all wolfed down to keep us on a sugary high. 
Yep I did feel sick.

Unfortunately, somewhere along the road, my friend Erika lost her wallet. Though we didn't believe it could be lost, at all, until we actually stopped at every place on the way home three days later and found it! 
The loss of her money before reaching Melbourne was bad, but it was the ID that was a real problem.
"How about you guys stay at the hostel and we'll go out," was roughly what Kieran and Lucy suggested. 
"Or we could sneak her in somewhere?" I said, all hopeful and naive-like.
"Not a chance, that just doesn't happen here," they replied.
We slumped our shoulders before enjoying a walk around the city, a game of pool, and an early (1am) night in the smelly hostel room which was full of sweaty half-naked people and hot condensation on the walls and window, urrrgh.

Our smelly, eight-bed dorm room.


The next day was bliss, because IDs do not matter in the daytime. 
We scoped the markets, had gourmet eggs (and vodka) for brekky, visited the Asian Beer Cafe and took a tram to Brunswick St where we explored the GIANT op-shop, Savers, and came across the best beer garden ever, dappled in sunshine and filled with chattering voices.
Initially I was thinking the place was too dark and dingy, because you walk in and... well, that's just how it looks. 
But the cool bar guy piped up, "Hey, we've got a beer garden! Why don't you send one of your troops to check it out and report back to the group? Meanwhile, two of you can check this food menu here, and the other can decide on drinks!"
What a smooth talker!!! He even picked out our meal for us, pointing to the sausage rolls that taste like "If you took your grandmother's recipe, hid it away for 30 years, and gave it to our chef who made some minor adjustments...," he said. They were delicious, especially accompanied by Sailor Jerry rum.

Kiz and Luce ready to order.

 Learning to read a menu without pointing my finger.

A bitchin' Iced Coffee.


Now for the whole point of the trip - one of my favourite bands ever, was playing at the Rod Laver Arena.
Radiohead smashed it. 

We were seated up high, feeling a little casual about it all when they launched into Lotus Flower and I suddenly couldn't stop grinning. Thom Yorke does dance like a maniac, and it's a pretty contagious vibe!
From there it was There There, Myxomatosis, Exit Music (For a Film), Paranoid Android, You and Whose Army and a myriad of amazing tracks that just stole the night. 
I will always be slightly dev'd that they couldn't just stop being too cool to play their most popular songs and just play me High and Dry or Karma Police, but it was still great.

Our last day was quite cruisey - we stopped at Off Ya Tree and Kieran got his septum pierced while Lucy got her second tragus done. We had brekky at Quarter in a wicked-as alley and took a bazillion more photos with our iPhones.

Then we drove. And drove. And drove. And got home to my Dad's place, where eleven homemade pizzas greeted us, before we went to the pub for a beer and to write a thank-you note to the guy who lent us his car!

And that's about it for our adventure.

After only my second visit to Melbourne, I can straight out say I love it.
A simple wander down the streets just smacks you in the face with so much culture - in the super-varied clothing/appearances of the people you pass, in the countless quirky shops and caf├ęs, in the music gigs and art exhibitions you know are going on just a few blocks away...

I'm definitely set on living there for at least a year while working at Frankie magazine or something. :)



  1. I'm confused re. city of culture....I thought Adelaide was the city of culture?!?!?!?

    1. Yeahhhhh, I didn't really grab that out of an official guide, haha. I tried researching what Melbourne is in terms of "City of" and I think I was bored by them.
      I feel like Melbourne has more culture than Adelaide. :\ What do you think?


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