Not my phone, but. 

My phone fell and smashed today, and I cried.
The shock of maybe losing all my precious text messages and photos - especially those shared between me and people that have been hugely important in my life - was overwhelming.
I feel silly, being so attached to little bits of text and pixels... but memories are precious, and they're the only way I can ever go back to those moments.

Do you keep sentimental things on your phone?
Maybe you get protective about other memory-stores, like photo albums or particular pieces of clothing you don't want to throw away because its rips and stains capture a fleeting bit of your history.

When I get sentimental about silly material things, I think about people like Mother Teresa, who gave up absolutely every belonging to start afresh and to disconnect with material objects which really have no value at all in the grand scheme of things.


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  1. It's very unfortunate that your phone back then broke. It might just be a phone for others, but it can be quite important for some, especially if it is your go-to camera for memorable events. It's a good thing that most phones nowadays can be backed up through cloud or by connecting it to one's laptop. At least you won't lose those precious memories that easily.

    Clara Brooks @ Telco World


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