A nice night for murder

Digging the scene - and our ciggies!

The birthday girl, Jess.

Last night was rockin'. 
Jess' parents went to an extreme amount of effort - the resort they booked out was decked with 1950s-style decorations, the food was amazing with hot dogs and burgers in a  traditional diner style setting, even the music they played was all hits from the 50s!

All the guests dressed up smashingly, as you can see from the pics, and everyone played their assigned 'characters' to a tee.

My mum was assigned a character called Maria, so she put on an Italian accent when questioning the guests about the murder! My stepdad Ondy was really into it too, and I know he got a few votes for best performer.

I think the murder mystery was pretty full on - I didn't solve it correctly, but then again only about 5 of about 50 people worked it out.
I was so set on figuring it out that I totally forgot to eat or drink much haha, at the end of the night I realised I'd grabbed only three chips and a creaming soda spider drink!

Anyway it was definitely a fun event, and I'm sure everyone agrees. :)  

By the way, watching people puffing on fake cigarettes was hilarious.
I saw one guy taking a 'drag' and then stopping to sip his beer before putting the ciggy up to his mouth straight after again, like he was really enjoying it.


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