Ye Olde Soup Kitchen

So in Margs, it's possible to feed your family dinner for just five dollars a head.

You wouldn't think so, with the sometimes ridiculously overpriced prices that go on in such a 'touristy' town. But this place is pretty special.
It's called The Soup Kitchen, and the first thing you will notice about it is that it doesn't sell soup.
The second thing is that it is full of friendly people - some who give their five dollars and more to eat there, and others who don't have anything to give besides a smile, and that's perfectly acceptable.
If you're homeless or in a tight situation, it's the volunteers at The Soup Kitchen that will make your Monday and Wednesday nights worthwhile.
They cook up a MEAN meal, seriously.

Lentils, curries, wholemeal rice, traditional salad, with a special asian style salad (packed with chillies!) to go on top. 
Amazing stuff that I'd pay as much as seventeen dollars for at a proper restaurant. 

My uncle Nev, with friends Paula, Olivier, my aunty Kerrie, and Kane.

We've spoken to someone who lost their entire house in the recent Margaret River bushfire, with no insurance to cover.... 
Other people, I'm not sure of their stories, but I'm sure there are hardships on their backs.
Despite this though, everybody is 100% cheery.

I definitely feel good when I put in my spare change at the door as well.


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