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I just got rid of Facebook, which feels liberating.
I know, I know, I will probably end up back on it one day, but for now, it's a good change.

I think that being able to check up on certain people's lives, and having them check up on mine, is not healthy. There's no chance to miss someone, and also little chance for genuine catch-ups because everybody already knows what everyone else is doing! So they never ask or discuss it beyond status and picture updates.
Sometimes I think technology has gone too far. It's great that we can do these things, but it's also nice to sit back from sites like Facebook for a while and go back to the quality of life we had before.

Funny that I'm writing all this on my blog.... where I share things all the time. But I can be very select on here, and I don't update it every few hours. :) And only people who care about me check this, OR people I don't know, so hey. No harm.


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  1. So great that this is catching on! I feel an epidemic developing. Bek has deactivated hers too. I don't miss it at all. I actually feel sorry for my friends who sit at breakfast/lunch/dinner dates with their phones on the table, Facebook on the screen, scrolling as you try to talk to them about other pressing issues. Yeah, no thanks. There is more to life than knowing the ins and outs of someone elses. Hi-5 Sissy!


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