Tonight Tonight

Not my photo. That isn't me. But it is similar to the men in their speedos I saw tonight. Gross.

Tonight I played underwater hockey with the boy's group. Gahhhhhh. It was so brutal!!
Six players on each team meant that there were a lot of legs everywhere, and these boys/men move so quickly that you can get a sharp knock to your head if you're not lucky.
When I first got in the water and this started happening, I felt scared. Then I kept getting my face way too close to people's, ahem, packages - because many wore speedos - and I felt angry! How rude are they!? How little they care about being polite!
And then I realised, hey yeah, who cares! And I got fierce too.

Now I'm home and sitting in a pretty dress and stockings with my cuddly dressing gown over the top. I'm headed out to see a band - The Floors - with a friend YES A REAL FRIEND - I've actually been making lots lately! I've been having a good life. :)
My parents have just left me to fend for myself, however, and I'm not really sure what/how to cook dinner because there isn't a whole heap of food in the cupboards. I've stuck some cubes of pumpkin in boiling water. That will cook into something, right?

Anyway this is pretty much a rant. I didn't have time for photos.
Hope you're all well!


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