How to win friends and influence people

Well the main point is, be a journalist.

I'm really glad I ended up going out to see The Floors. First of all, it was nice to check out a band that I had interviewed (more specifically, the first band I ever interviewed). Secondly, thirdly and fourthly -
Karen and I had a wicked time, the band was skilled and 'danceable', and we actually got invited back to their accommodation to hang out!

How? This is where the journalist bit comes into it.
After the show, I first bought a (ridiculously good looking) tee and then asked the lead singer, Luke, whether he'd selected a name for one of his new songs.
"Is it Fighting Machine, or Art of War?" I said.
And he had a puzzled look - howwww did you know that?
So I explained I was the journo that interviewed him over the phone a few weeks ago, and just found him and his crew hell easy to chat to from there.

Back at the band's place we drank cups of tea and watched a Neil Young dvd while one of the boys fell asleep. Oh the life of a rock star, hey? Haha. They're cool guys, from Perth. Mean bass skills, and Luke has a killer scream. We praised the drummer for his constant head-banging haha.
Check out the vid below if you haven't heard of them.


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