Obsession with what's over.

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I haven't wanted to write posts lately, because I've been swinging in and out of depressed moods following my break-up.
But no need to feel sad on my behalf, because I think I'm getting through it okay.

I guess everybody has to have that moment where they realise, quite simply, that "I was na├»ve enough to think love was eternal." 
And then somehow they have to pick up the pieces of their heart and swallow the sick feeling that has come from losing such a security as well as the person they (still, sadly) care about, and just get on with life.
Crushing, but it's reality. And wow can people just turn around and change their minds. It's scary not even to be missed.

Edit: I've tried really hard to keep this bottled up, especially online and in front of Tom, because I've been thinking I can win love back if I appear happy and therefore attractive, but it feels good to admit that actually, I'm not okay with it. And anyway, letting all the pain and bitterness out and then building my way back up is the way to go. Done. 

Anyway, in coping I've just thrown myself into my job - or rather it's pulled me in: journalism is so hectic! Today I visited the vet and reported on a story to do with dogs dying from rat poison put out by their owners. Horrible, hey? But it will be good to get the story out to warn other pet owners not to use the bait.

I talked to the vet, and met a sick doggy...  not sick from poison; he had a immune system problem. The poor thing was bleeding from the mouth, and had sores all over his legs. He had some border-collie in him, so I basically adored him as soon as I saw him, and felt miserable that he might die.

I took a photo of a healthy dog, Suzie, and the vet, to use with my article. I preferred this over a dying dog because that would just be upsetting.
I got a contact off the vet - a lady who sadly lost her shihtzu-staffy cross to rat poison earlier this week.
SO sad. I called her and she was happy to give me details of the incident and her sorrow. She hopes her dog will not have died in vain if we can save others from making the same mistake.

And yeah!
Other than that, I just interviewed another band for my entertainment section, and fixed up a few stories.

Think I like my job. It's pretty fascinating most of the time. 
How about you guys? Do you like what you do? I hope so!

Ps. I don't feel ready to move on yet, but mannn if I was, it would be with Daniel Johns. Okay so he was my Year 12 crush, but that still stands. I will no doubt spend my night in looking at music clips, instead of doing my uni assignment. Heh heh.


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