Groovin' the Moo, as you do

Yesterday I experienced what it's like to attend a music festival with your Mum. 
Some people mightn't be able to imagine anything more daggy, but seriously, it was just like running around with a friend. :D But she is a bit cuter than the average friend.

I didn't encourage this.... (hehe, yes I did).

I was originally meant to go to Groovin' the Moo, Bunbury, with my boyfriend Tom, as well as Mum and my stepdad, Ondy. But seeing as Tom is in SA and we're not really together anymore, that wasn't an option. Despite feeling a bit sad about this on the way to the festival, and at any time when I noticed couples smooching or dancing together nearby, I was distracted enough not to really be brought down by it.

Anyway enouuuugh about me, more about the music!

Big Scary

This was the first act we really watched - a band that I hadn't really heard much of before, Big Scary. They drew our attention in easily and satisfied both Mum and Ondy's tastes as well as mine - win! Definitely looking into more of their songs.

Matt Corby

Ahhhh. I admit to checking out Matt Corby's set purely to perve on his charming looks, but his voice was beautiful, too.
As my Mum pointed out, it must be pretty amazing to be him. That young, and with all those screaming stands jumping around in front of him.
Girls in the crowd and I were comparing ages to see who is more suited to date him.
Of course everyone was hanging out for the single Brother, and when that had played, the crowd got all distracted and eventually left.
Don't worry, this isn't the last you'll see of Matt in this post ;).


This guy swore a hell of a lot, and I loved watching Mum and Ondy's disapproving faces every time.
The best bit was when a section of the crowd were fighting down the front, and 360 asked them to break it up and back up a bit, because nobody comes to a festival to throw fists around.
"Fucking dickheads. Fuck."
Best song was Boys Like You, just because everyone knew it and danced like mad.
When I say 'like mad', I'm picturing these two girls standing nearby me that were just bouncing all low and throwing their heads around dangerously, bumping into other people such as myself... like crazed monkeys haha. They don't hold back.

City and Colour

City and Colour were great. Although I didn't like their choice in playlist. Could be just me, but the last two songs were slow ones I didn't know, and kind of left me wanting more at the end. I loved Sometimes (I Wish), and Waiting, which were played earlier in the set.

"We're all just waiting, waiting to die."


I love this girl. She has so much energy, and you can tell she really loves her music. Highlight was Settle Down. The stillest Kimbra was all set was during this song - standing at her mike - but she didn't keep her arms still. They were steadily flung around to the beat, in a well-planned sequence that looked comical and awesome at the same time.
You can see her wicked costume. I'd happily walk down the street wearing that, just saying.

And guess who Kimbra pulled up on stage??
Matt Corby!
They sung Love is a Two-way Street together, because Matt had apparently mentioned backstage that he really enjoyed that track.
His hair was in a funny little bun, and he wore denim-on-denim..... hahaha yes I insist on describing his attire.
I couldn't hear him singing words all that much, probably because I was a little close to the speakers, but I did hear the vocals when he was getting louder and doing fun things with his voice to compliment the rising tune.

Hilltop Hoods

Always a fan of the Hoods, but this time was special, because they were practically headlining (just one act behind the Kaiser Chiefs. That's great to see, after watching them way back in Adelaide, playing early-day spots at previous Big Day Outs.
I was waiting throughout the set, hoping for Nosebleed Section, and got my hopes dashed when they said "You guys like our old stuff? You want some old stuff? Let us take you right back....." and I was like "Yes!"; " The Hard Road"; "Gahhh. Close, but no."
And then they played Nosebleed Section after that haha. 
And finished with I Love It, which was great.

I taught Mum how to keep warm - dancing the only way you dance to the Hilltop Hoods: with your arms in the air.

 Mum and Ondy having a great time after they realised there were other "oldies" around, as they kept pointing out. 

Can't remember the actual quote, but Mum took one glance at this and said something like 'That's where they keep all the cocaine' haha!

Something I have to mention - the festival had put a $1 refund on all empty drink cans, which I couldn't believe. Until I tried taking my cans up and got rewarded with FIVE DOLLARS!!! 
I then went on to make a bigger profit, picking up and cashing in cans in-between sets. Effectively, I got all my drinks and meals for free, with fifty bucks profit on top of that. With the stage right next to the open fence, this was even better than getting paid for a real job!

By the way - I did see more bands worth noting - Mutemath! Kaiser Chiefs... etc. and some not worth mentioning - cough: Parkway Drive: haha;
but didn't get their pics, sorry!

Good times.



  1. Have been waiting for this post all day! So jealous. Glad you guys had a splendid time. x

    1. Thanks Luce! I REEALLLLY was crying on the inside that you couldn't make it, but yes it was rockin'! :D xx

  2. Love your blog, check mine and we can follow each other if you like :)


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