What to pack for SA: a picture of my essentials

I call this post, 'What to pack for South Australia?' - a rhetorical question,
but if the above photo was expected to provide an answer, this answer would clearly be "an absolute chaotic mess of things". 
And you are probably thinking, 'Good luck cramming all that into one bag'.

Well, call me a wizard, but I managed to transform the above.... to this! (see below)

Ta da!
And even then I cut out a few more things, to form the basis for my list of 'essentials'.

Things you absolutely need; the bare essentials:
 - A pretty dress, and tights
 - Jeans (two pairs)
 - A shirt that can be dressed up or down
 - Casual lace up boots
 - Simple flats that can be kicked off at any time for relaxing
 - PJs
 - As many undies as you can fit
 - A singlet that provides warmth when layered underneath
 - A fat book of Uni notes
 - Any medicine you regularly take
 - Glasses
 - Nail polish
 - Tinted moisturiser, eyelash curler, mascara (all the make-up I use)
 - A small bag of accessories - necklaces, headwear, rings.
 - A comfy top in a wicked colour like mustard
 - Deodorant 
 - A razor
 - Bank card (duhh)
 - Phone charger + phone

....Looking at this, I can see that I barely wore any of the clothes. In fact, as soon as I reached Perth by car, I went opshopping with my cousin Meg and bought a whole heap more to take. 

I think I actually therefore fail at packing cleverly. 
But I do have one tip for you: if you need to minimise luggage, and you're looking sheepishly at your super duper bag of pretty girl cosmetics... think about your hair. Your hair can be your best accessory at times, so you need to look after it, and in rainy weather, the worst thing that can happen is frizz.
Considering this factor, the one thing that I would choose to take? 

Moroccan oil. 
Dayummm, it's good.
Smells amazing, so you don't need to worry about perfumes or anything, and it tames frizzy fly-aways so your wavy or curly hair can just chill out and not cramp your style. 

By the way, don't forget your toothbrush either.


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