Dressing the part

Hi guys!

I can't write too much before I start to feel guilty about the upcoming Uni assignment I really should start... so for now, here's a simple outfit post from my first day of work.

Bearing in mind that I have never before had to dress "business-like" - except for a novelty week back in Year 10 - I like to think I came pretty close to the mark! :D

A simple (op-shop) shirt and pants combo, with cute brogues, and an amaaaaazing winter coat - which, by the way, is from Target. Everyone's best friend, right? 
I have been looking everywhere online for the perfect, warm-yet-fun coat to wear, and came close to finding nothing, before I casually walked into Target, saw this champion, and ahhhh... bought it for $25! Reduced from $70. 
Bargains like that make me laugh. With joy.

Shirt - Op-shop
Coat - Target
Pants - Valleygirl
Shoes - Cotton On
Bag - Mimco


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