Hiding away

Slightly unrelated photo, of my brother Louie at Easter time - I just like it.

Arghhhh, I haven't posted for ages, I know, I apologise.
So much has been happening at once! 

I won't leave it all a mystery - the biggest thing that happened was I got accepted for a job as a cadet journalist at the local paper here in Margaret River!

Upon hearing the news, I quickly used all my 'savings' (and more, c/o my lovely father), to fly back to South Australia and spend a week visiting my friends and family before I needed to start the new job.

From there it's been a whirlwind of exciting outings, emotional reunions, extraordinarily fast cash outflow, and a bit of agonising over what to buy and wear for my new professional position as a JOURNALIST.

I plan to write a few catch-up posts, sharing a few key events and experiences as following:
- Essentials when packing for a holiday to SA
- What it's like to see a movie in Gold Class
- Nursing a poor sick doggy to health with my awesome pal Narelle, and buying islands with Blacky
- Being fined $70 at the airport
- My first day as a cadet journalist

So you can look forward to those!


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