Excuse me, it's not normal to look that cute all the time!

Let's, for a moment, get this blog back to what it started out as  - a fashion blog, with a focus on all things pretty and materialistic.
Yes, that was the agenda planned when I suddenly had the "What am I doing with my life" thoughts that every twenty-something-year-old person has, and answered to myself, "I'm going to be a fashion designer!".
I later realised that, 'Errrrrr, Zann, you aren't that great at putting together outfits'. Haha oh well.
Not as stylish as someone like Amy, who I just discovered through Modcloth and her gorgeously cute blog - Amy Flying A Kite.

Now I will post some photos and you'll see what I mean...

She is the perfect example of bohemian glamour, as free and enviable as the likes of Julia Stone, and even more creative!
Is all I can say.
And, on this note, I have added her to my 'Recommended Reads' on the side of my blog.
Just wanted to let you know what the new addition to this list was all about.

Good day.


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