Warm and fuzzy things

Etsy creation by Cammobear

Etsy creation by Prettyditty

Modcloth - "One Tweed coat, three ways"

I'm not a winter person - spring and summer will always have my heart - but there are certain things I look forward to with the colder weather. Cosy knits, hot chocolate, having an excuse not to go out for a walk (haha).... now's the time to indulge.



  1. I think i am a Spring and Autumn person.. mainly because as Summer begins I love the warmth and the happiness that comes from it but by the end of Summer am happy to see it go and in winter i love the rain and rugging up but yet again by the end of the season I can't wait for some heat!

    For now I am happy with the cool weather :)

    1. Spring definitely is the best hey! Gotta love those happy vibes as you said, but you are right, I do agree that one can get sick of Summer after a while... sweating all over your clothes - ew. I just have a higher tolerance for heat than cold.


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