What on earth does one do with a 'cape'?!

Image from InStyle

You may think they're slightly ridiculous, but they're big in fashion. And boy do they remind me of Blair Waldorf. Or somebody on their way to a duel.
The cape.

You may wear a cape-styled shirt, like Michelle from Mitch In Heels showcases in her latest post [really, you've never seen someone wearing blue jeans looks so badass!].
Or you might wear a cape-styled coat on top of your outfit, keeping you classy and cosy.
But, I hear you asking - "What am I supposed to wear with it, without looking over the top?"

Well as someone very new to the whole concept of capes, I took up the challenge to style three capes all on my own. Inspired by Michelle; here they are:

I think I like the middle the best, because it's got a sort of vintage look to it, and I like the lighter tones and floaty dress with the dramatic structure of the cape. 
The last outfit I tried to style as something you might wear on a sexy dinner date. I can imagine a woman rocking up to the restaurant in the dark cape and taking it off to reveal a stunning red dress beneath that turns heads. 

Which do you prefer? Can you see yourself ever investing in a cape?  



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    1. Yeeee it's gorgeous hey! I think I'd definitely want a cape in that colour if I ever got one.
      What would you choose to wear with it?

      Thanks for commenting, Happy Easter ^_^

  2. Thanks for mentioning me darling!! great post again..love your ideas,so stylish.keep posting love,xoxox..


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