Polyvore Rookie

I made my first collage on Polyvore!
I could be shy about it but I'm curious to know what you guys think.

When I first saw people using Polyvore.com, I thought it was boring and only for the seasoned fashion bloggers who live and breathe clothes. But actually, it's fun! I do love the ballet slippers and the rings, as well as the top on the left, so pretty! I just drool over lace. 

Can you imagine someone wearing these outfits?


  1. Thanks for your comment darling,glad you like my post,btw,i cant wait for your nest Polyvore collage:D

  2. Very cute collage. Great post. I love it!

    Following you now, please check out my blog and follow back!


    1. Thankyou, glad you like it!
      I'll be sure to check your blog, yay I love reading new ones. =]


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