Easter Festive Fashion

When I walked into the kitchen this morning, this is what I found.* 
My gorgeous Mum had left one giant Easter egg each for my little brother and I, and set them up just like dippy eggs! :')

This of course reminded me that it was the Easter season, and I was inspired to hunt out all my pastel coloured clothes. 

I call this look, 'the secretary in dire need of a holiday'. I imagine 'she' would happily wear this to work on Good Friday, not realising it's actually a national day off.

I tried to style my hair in a beehive... in a lazy cheat kinda way.
Doesn't my head just look like a giant chocolate egg now??

And this is what I'm actually comfortable with wearing around today!

Hope you have a wonderful Easter!! 

*Well...not quite, I actually forgot to photograph it before I hacked into its chocolate-ly deliciousness!

Note: Thank you to my 8-year-old brother Louis for being an excellent photographer,
and Jess for suggesting a rockin' title for this post... while we're meant to be studying! :]


  1. Gosh, you're really so inspiring.you look so beautiful wearing all these pieces,i want to steal your top:D!! have a safe Easter dear.


  2. Replies
    1. ^_^ Yay thanks happy easters to you!
      Hope you score lots of choccy and feel sick after eating it all - that's the proper (only) way to go right?

  3. I love the yellow on you :)

    Also jealous of your mum encouraging the chocolate for breakfast! :)

    1. Ta Relrel :) I like the sunny colour of it! But it is a very, err, revealing cut, so I don't wear it often haha.

      Have you had much choccy leading up to Easter Sunday? I totally gorged yesterday and have been wishing for some today :( haha can't WAIT for tomozza! xx


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