Guilty pleasures

Do you have a TV show that you love watching, but would rather initiate a two-hour discussion with door-knocking Mormons before you admit your favourite to friends?

I myself am guilty of forcing a late bedtime every Thursday night to stay up and watch Desperate Housewives. That, or I'll be up first thing Friday morning to catch it online. 
In fact, I wish every day was a Thursday. I often find myself counting down the days until I can watch it again.

Why? Because it's funny, it's light, it's dramatic. The characters are a mix of reality and pure absurdness, and I love the satire. It's actually pretty clever.

But I believe that if people knew how much I loved it, the "desperate" tagline would somehow rub off and become plastered to my forehead, to be associated with my very being.  

In a world [or my university community, at least] where people are swapping stories they picked up from the latest Four Corners report, or proclaiming their love for a genius blockbuster with in-depth themes and masterful visuals, I feel that sitting down amongst them and saying, "HEY, OMG DID YOU SEE DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES LAST NIGHT?! BREE IS SLEEPING AROUND!", is somewhat wrong.

Today, though, I don't care.
I'm pretty much an internet warrior, with no time for social fronts and judgements. 
So here's a short snippet of what I love about DH - petty conflicts and unrealistic plot-lines included:

- The crazy, but well planned story-lines 

Recently, the four main characters became accessories to a murder. They hid the body in the forest, and the last couple of episodes have been about that body almost being uncovered by a building development. One of the characters - Susan, aka: the ditzy one - was, at the time, working on her artistic talents, and she spontaneously produced a painting that was an illustrated confession... which wound up on display in a gallery.
See, how silly is it? 

But at the same time, that story-line carries deeper issues and dialogue. The person murdered was actually Gabrielle's stepfather, whom had molested her when she was younger and had returned to abuse her. After the murder, which was somewhat justified in defense of Gabby, the stepfather's current family is visited and it's revealed that he was also abusing another young girl, who is now saved from such horror.
It can get very emotional at times, and I swear that I can laugh and cry out loud in the same episode.

- Secondly, I've grown to adore the unique and loveable characters. 

The woman above is a new addition, and at first I found her altogether unbearable, with her glamourous dressing and self-centred ways, but the directors have slowly introduced traits that have made her out to be one of the most supportive and genuine people in the story. She helped talk another character out of committing suicide, and stuck by their side, despite not knowing them very well.

Anyway, in revealing this guilty pleasure of mine, I suspect everyone has a secret love care of their TV. Or even a movie. What's yours? Please share, and feel free to give me a short summary of why you think most people might find it ridiculous. 



  1. Glee makes me happy!

    It took me a very long time to admit it to anyone but it is the one thing that can make me smile in an instant.

    Something about seeing other people living one of your childhood dreams (to live in a musical in this case) can make you feel resentful yet overwhelmingly pleased and hopeful all at the same time. (I am not choosing my words very wisely here)

    Anyway... Glee makes me happy.

    1. :D Aw, that is beautiful. I don't think people should really judge others on what they watch at all. Nobody points and makes fun of people who love Disney movies! Why do so many go on about "Gleeks" and "GLEE IS GAY!"? Hmm.

      Your words once again make perfect sense to me :) you feel jealous because you want to be like them but you are kind of given the pleasure of living through the character by watching them play it out.

      I have only watched probably one or two episodes, but feel inspired to watch it again at the next opportunity now :D.


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