Not worth crying over

- this was posted by a friend on Facebook a few days ago, and became relevant to me just tonight when I was sitting on my bed feeling sorry for myself...

What upset me was the fact that I'm here alone in Margaret River with no friends and nothing to do on a Saturday night. I was desperately missing my boyfriend - who recently went back to live in South Australia - and even felt annoyed that he was out having fun while I was bored and lonely.

And then I remembered the little story quoted above. 
And I thought, "Hey, I'm on the brink of tears here... and what for? Because my boyfriend has left me? I've already cried over that!"
And I thought, "Actually, no, worse. I'm about to cry... because he's having fun, and I'm not! Ridiculous."
And I pulled myself together, made an entirely blank face, void of emotion, and planned where exactly to source my fun from.

I'm now off to the pub to play pool with my Mum. Yeeeeahh! :D

Hope you can remember this in times when you're way down about one particular event or situation - remember, there's better things to be doing with your time! 




    1. I liked that - it was like a secret message in code... I didn't know what it was until I put it in the header and pressed 'enter'.

      Very true and I can apply it to today's situation I hope. :) x

  2. Hehe I posted this didn't I? :P so awesome, I love it, I'm so glad it helped you through a bad time ;)


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