Fields of Gold

After weeks months of neglecting my 'landscape' piece from art class, I finally finished it!

I kept mixing up a myriad of different colours in each of the three sessions, which made it tricky to keep it all in harmony - ie. there's there's random dashes of contrasting colours all over the place - but I think it turned out alright in the end.

Personally, I love the sky, with the dashes of light blue and purple; and the hay bales which were fun to paint.

The photo I used to paint - taken in 2010 - some hay-fields near Murray Bridge, SA;
a scene close to my heart.


So hey, do you want to hear some poetry?? 
[Hell yeah, everyone digs poetry!]

I sent the picture to my friend Gemma and asked her to write a short poem about it. 
This is what she wrote:-

It’s so peaceful
Being here
Looking up at the clouds
Gently enticing me to enter them

Feeling the rough hay beneath
The soft panic blanket you brought
You ask if champagne is appropriate
I don’t answer

I'm scared this scene is false
I'll opens my eyes to being in my room alone
In the false light of the television

I open my eyes to you
With your arms around me
Your flaxen hair in the wind
This is heaven
It's so peaceful being here

- G. M. 2012

(She literally whipped that up in less than fifteen minutes!! Amazing. Thanks Gem! x)

Finally, I'd like to ask YOU:
If you had to choose one landscape image to paint, what would you choose? Is it a meaningful spot for you, or just a place of serene beauty?

Comment now, don't be shy :) 



  1. This is beautiful Zan, and thankyou Gemma. :)

    1. Look at my comment below.... haha I didn't "reply" properly so you couldn't see.

  2. Thanks Rel!

    Ps. That's all very nice and well, but YOU DIDN'T ANSWER MY QUESTION?!?!?!?! <- bitch fit right there. Haha. xx

  3. Definitely the beach! Busy Byron Bay with surfers, or pristine Whitsundays with the islands in the background :)

    1. I can't wait for you to show me Byron! :D


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