Something Old & Something New

Hi guys!

I wanted to share two brilliant new things that have entered my life recently.
I know what you're thinking - "TWO new things? Your post title led us to believe there was something old as well! False advertising, I feel ripped off, two new things in combination is just way too much shiny-ness for me to handle."*
But wait, I can explain! 

One of the 'new' things is actually an old Mercedes, but it's been given a breath of fresh life in my little hands!

Until now I've been rocking around in either of Mum and Ondy's two work vans, but I decided it was time for my own vehicle when we came across this beauty sitting on the roadside. It was test driven two nights in a row, and evaluated by my mechanic-minded relative, before I allowed myself to fall in love with it. 

I handed over $1500 and a bottle of boysenberry port to the lovely English guy [who wished to sell it for traveling funds] and here we are!

I'm actually a sucker for old cars - they have so much more character than the masses of cheaply-made cars of today.

This one has all kinds of quirky little things to love about it:  a sweet retro brown interior; a start up key switch on the left of the wheel; a windscreen wiper that darts all over the place like it's on steroids... oh and a little first-aid kit on the back dash! If I ever crash, I'll be reaching for those band-aids right away. :D

Secondly, dun dun dun dahhh!! My brand new dress from Modcloth arrived today.
See, I'm flailing my arms. I tend to do that in moments of excitement.
It came with a hat and some sweet teal tights, as pictured below. All amazing quality, so I'm feeling very successful for my first-ever internet purchase. My bank account could cross into dangerous waters from here.

Amazing green-yellow lace

Anyway that's all in terms of updates from my life for now.
Sorry I haven't really written much lately... just working on some big changes! 
Will fill you in as soon as I can.

You stay classy, San Diego. 


*Note: I know 'shininess' is a real and appropriate word, but somehow this spelling looks so wrong!


  1. Both of these beautiful things cannot compare to, yet somehow compliment your pure and glowing beauty.

    I cannot wait to see your dress in person. I am not sure that I will ever meet your car but I need to know what name you have decided on and more pictures.. please :)

  2. :o Thanks Narelle! I am flattered by your kind words.

    Haha that's so funny that you talk about names for cars - I laughed at Mum when she asked what I'm calling it, but the truth is my bug was called Boris (?! Why, I don't know... :P), and your car is called Stella isn't it? It's a pretty common thing to do! :P
    I shall take some more photos when the sun comes out some more. xx

  3. It needs a name or else it never truly belongs to you. All of my cars names have started out 'temporary'.. (proving the strange commitment issues I have.. strange because I have been with Landon for so long and own a house with him?!?!) But the vehicles names, they always stick!!


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