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So last night I got frustrated with Uni work and thought, 'Gahhhh! I am so better than this; I am going to make money on the Internet instead!'
And I created an account with Helium - to write articles for money - as well as with '' - selling things for and earning commission. There were also three others that I can't even remember the names of.
I got as far as writing one article on "How to make your eyes look bigger and brighter" for Helium/ earning $1.00, and paying $1.95 to set up myfoxoffice after a convincing guy called me this morning... before I gave up on the whole thing.

The truth is, you're making measly money for a whole lot of work. I understand many people would find it a breeze putting together articles they're proud of in a flash and earning a quick buck for their fun, but I'm already having to write and read a lot for my journalism course, so it just annoys me that I can't get at least 50c a word. The account selling products for Amazon... that is just a hugely daunting task! You make 15% per item, but that's only if a potential buyer comes along to your page and actually clicks on the item you've posted there. How often would that happen? There is a lot of work involved in just getting your website up to the top of the Google search engine, let alone enticing people to click on it and following the links. I myself haven't even bothered to gather a following of readers for my blog, so I imagine I would be very slow to throw my marketing name out there. Actually I have to admit I kind of enjoy writing on here without the pressure of trying to please any particular 'target group' or followers... It's simple and I'm not limited to any one topic, just whatever I feel like jabbering on about at the time.

All in all, I think I'm a bit too much of a comfortably lazy person to make my millions on the web.

Now... next week, I'm thinking of taking cute pictures of my dog and writing some soppy taglines to send into That's Life and Take 5. Fifty dollars per photo - imagine! What do you think? Oooh and the competitions; people win hundreds with those, and a car or two! Wouldn't mind it. Haha.

I would love to hear if anyone else has managed to make money over the Internet. Are you a whiz at selling things on eBay? Have you ever tried to get into websites that seem slightly scam-like? Have you got some secret way of making money on the side of your regular job? Please share (:


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