Home-coming King

Hi readers!
Gotta say I'm a bit excited about tomorrow... My boyfriend is coming home after three weeks of being interstate :D

I thought I'd celebrate this fact with some pictures of cute couples, enjoy.

Images sourced from Cute Couples.tumblr

And some of us...

I've never really been the type to pine over being alone, and I found the first two weeks a breeze as I expected... but this third week, ughhhh. We did discover Skype and that's been fun, and he also made me a song on GarageBand! But I've been watching movies by myself, and sleeping inside the main house because the bungalow is too boring scary boring without Tom there, and every day is like someone forgot to turn a light switch on. Lame, hey?

I can't wait to wrap him up in a colossal hug at the airport :3



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