A step closer to becoming self-sufficient

A crateful of chickens arrived at my house on the weekend, along with 8 eggs that they happened to lay along the way!

There are now around 12 chickens on our miniature farm, which takes our household closer to fully 'living off [our] land'. I dream of selecting fresh fruit and vegies from our garden, and taking showers in solar heated water, and .... perhaps not slaughtering cows for meat because I could never do that to sweet Daisy. But not having to rely on supermarket quality produce - and potentially supporting cruel animal industries - as much as we can is great! You can bet we've enjoyed a few quiches and bacon and egg brekkies since. And Jaz and Bowie, our bordercollies, are overjoyed to see an increase in the stock they love to proudly guard (or drool over???)!

In other news, I visited a naturopath in Margaret River today. She was absolutely lovely - the best I've talked to in a long time. She half counseled me as well, just in expressing her beliefs about the pressures on women today and such.
I got given some probiotics, some herbal tonic, and something else I forgot the purpose of. Basically it's all to fix my energy and iron deficiencies, and to help deal with the anxiety/depression that I sometimes suffer. Hoping it works out well!

Here's what I wore. Just a light, Margaret River-esque outfit. I really like this lace blouse I picked up at the last Lion's Shed sale (for no more than 40c!). The skirt is my Mum's.... discovered it yesterday and was quite shocked to think she has never worn it.

Top - Lion's Shed
Vest - Just Jeans
Skirt - Sportsgirl
Shoes - Ebay
Bangle - ?


  1. LOL, took me a while but I just spotted Jaz (or Bowie?) in each of your two chook photos. A bit like playing 'Where's Wally?'
    Aaaand.....I LOVE your outfit. You look incredibly cute! And your mum must be some super stylish hot as mama to own a cool as gnarly sick as skirt like that! Pretty sure I've seen her wear it though.......

    1. Haha! You should definitely wear it more often then.
      Maybe evennnn with that new "super stylish hot as" shirt that your daughter bought you! :P x


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