What's new, good looking?

Sitting around the house today, I decided to change my blog around a little. This included, da-da-da-daaaah! - a new blog header! As well as a series of "pages" that you can now use to navigate your way around easier. For example, if you click on 'outfits', all my daily outfit posts are grouped together. Do you like it?? :D

I realised that grouping my outfit posts together has not helped all that much for people who just want to see pictures of pretty clothes and to ignore everything else... because I tend to clump everything together in a huge post, sorry! I'll try to separate topics more in future.

Goodnight for now, lovely people with possibly square-eyes (I know mine hurt after a big day spent in front of the screen!). 


Ps. Hurrah! 50 posts to Chronicles of Zannia!


  1. Woohoo I can comment!
    Love the new look. xxx

    1. YAY! Haha it was so exciting to see your name appear just then :D.
      Thanks, I used the stuff I learnt from some Uni class nobody liked - we learnt all about photoshop, etc... - this made sure it wasn't useless!


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