The Walled Garden

This post is about to get extremely image-heavy, but don't worry because it is not full on - as my warning may suggest - but very relaxing, and hopefully aesthetically pleasing to your pretty eyes. I just wanted to share a bit of my beautiful day playing in Voyager Estate's "walled garden."

Apparently the idea of walled gardens begun in Medieval Europe when it was necessary to produce the best supply of fruit, vegetables, and flowers possible, before the growth of trade and modern food preservation techniques. The walls shelter plants from wind and frost. They can actually 'raise the temperature within the garden by several degrees, permitting plants to be grown that might not otherwise survive in that climate' (Source: History of Walled Gardens, Myloverisagardenenclosed). Mum tells me that, nowadays, walled gardens like Voyager's are also designed simply to contain more of an aroma of the flowers' natural fragrances, so they may be intensely enjoyed by visitors. I wasn't particularly smacked over by any wild hit of rosey deliciousness, but I think it's because it was rainy for a while there and the fragrances may have been dampened and reduced by that.

Each photo kind of has a little story behind it, which makes this a perfectly precious stash for reminiscing upon in future years. I won't bother to try and convey every single meaning to you, but I will explain a couple for your clarification as to why I look like a goober and have actually published them, haha:
#4: Jumping up and down because I've just spotted a rainbow and I want to steal the camera from Tom to take his picture with it! Following photo is of Tom and said rainbow.
#10: Crossing my legs whilst sitting on a bench... Tom says it looks like I'm sneaking out a fart.
#15: Tom was wanting to snap photo after photo... I was kind of over it to be honest, and keen to move on. So I hung my head upside down in a plot to ruin all his photos with silliness.
#18: When Tom shaves his face, he happens to look at least 5 years younger than his 23 years. He also looks oddly "more English" as I kept telling him. I made him pose with the lamppost which I had also labelled "English looking" and felt they were a perfect match.
#19: This is just my favourite moment from all of today :).

Voyager Estate is such a gorgeous place; I really hope you can see and enjoy that through our photos.



  1. aww! these photos are very sweet and pretty. aren't roses just pretty? and your top goes so well with the flowers! found you on chictopia today and just wanted to say hi!

    it would make me happy if you visited too!
    pandaphilia style

    1. Thanks so much for your comment! Eeee yeah I don't consider myself a big fan of gardening or anything, but definitely love pretty flowers... :D

      Will definitely check out your blog!

  2. Yoo! You guys are cute. BTW.
    In response to your question, how much do you know about html?? it was a lot of work, really :) First i had to make little images of every single outfit and upload them all to a photo host (i use Picasa). Then I formatted the page as a table (5 columns across), and in each column put one image, each as a link to the corresponding blog post.
    I hope that answers your question..

    1. Hehe thankyou.
      Woahhh that is a lot of work, I admire your dedication! Looks awesome though so I might give it a try ^_^ Thanks for the help! x


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