Today's outfit makes me happy because it teams mustard, blue and tan together, which happens to be one of my favourite colour palettes at the moment. Actually, I can't wait to show you my Mum's painting after she finishes it on Wednesday - it's of the Willunga Hills, SA, and she's used colours similar to my outfit!
I dressed in this and went to drop off my resumé at the Voyager Estate winery which is a short drive away. This is the third job I've tried to apply for since moving to Margaret River, so hoping I get some positive results from this one... :)

Oh, before I left the house I wanted to give the chickens some socialising. I chose to show one chicken the new home that they can anticipate. Tom started building it the other day - a mini shed with luxury perches and a series of cut-out "doors" for exit into the wild and for us to collect their eggs through!

Hope your week has started off well,

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