When 'bad events' are actually just road signs for something great...

A little blue wren inviting itself to the leftovers of our 1 year anniversary lunch - 27.1.12

Yesterday afternoon, Mum came home from lunch at The Berry Farm, and told me they might be looking for workers. She'd spoken to a waitress who had retired from the Farm but was serving as a fill-in that day. So, on a whim, I printed out my resumĂ© this morning and went to give it a go. Never mind that I've been waiting for a call from the last three places I applied for in the past three weeks...

Wow. I'm so glad I went, and I think I can pretty much say I've got the job right away!
The application just went incredibly well, and I wasn't nervous at all while talking to the manager. He's a cruisey, funny guy, who is obviously very connected with the type of atmosphere he wants his business to convey everyday. In fact we spent half the time chatting amicably about little things (eg. the amusing history of both our surnames) and the other half was spent by me asking all the right questions or giving all the right answers, in my opinion.

It just felt right, and as I literally adore The Berry Farm and its peaceful, romantic set up, I could well and truly indicate that I'd enjoy working there and be exactly the burst of joy and enthusiasm that any employer is looking for.

The cottage in which the café/kitchen is set up

I have to say, this makes me feel so much better about the past three job applications that haven't worked out. It's almost as if they were meant to fail so that I'd end up here. Driving ten minutes to a beautiful place that I already know and get excited about... where I don't need to feel pressured to act elegant and refine my language to suit the surroundings. Yep, I'm pretty pleased with myself.

So I just wanted to point out; sometimes bad things happen because they're meant to... disappointing letdowns can be leading you onwards to something better. You have to keep up your hopes - whether you're looking for a job, a relationship, a house... Anything that doesn't work out, just tell yourself, it probably wasn't meant to be. And look forward to the awesome things to come.

I'll leave you with some pics of The Berry Farm from my visits in the past... enjoy!

Family lunch in Feb when my Nanna was down from SA <3

Passionfruit bubbles - I know you'd all love it! Yum.

 Nanna in the beautiful little garden


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