All the leaves are brown...

Actually that's a ridiculous lie, all the leaves are still green... and the skies are blue... but it is getting chilly, so that makes me believe my precious Summer is OVER and Autumn has taken reign.

In preparation for an Autumn/Winter season, which I'm told can be pretty darn cold over here, I've rounded up an inspiration folder for possible outfits. Here's a little peek of looks I'm loving....

...from my favourite bloggers:

Inspo #1: Random girl [... I will find out her name and update this] with super taste in clothes

These pics are actually from a new blog I discovered just the other day, and as soon as I found it I was like, "Oh! I want that, and that, and that!" This girl has some really nice clothes, and as you can see, it is legitimately wintery wherever she is! Not sure I'd be rocking around in snow without tights... but here in Australia it'd be pretty safe. While trying to find the name of the blog again (I forgot to bookmark!) I checked out the updates and felt I had to add this pic for you:

Her hat! Her boots! The amazing layers that are going on! Definitely a suitable and accessible inspiration for the season to come. The blog is called Flattery. (:

Inspo #2: Nikki from Flair to Remember

Flair to Remember is one of my favourite blogs (ever), mainly because it was the first blog I've ever discovered (along with and I've been following it since I was in high school =]. The blogger/author is a lovely lady called Nikki, and her style is all kinds of adorably pretty, classy, and vintage. The above photos I borrowed from her blog remind me that winter is not about being sucked into boring colours, but about mixing soft tones and textures, and throwing on an amazingly cozy jacket on top of it all.

Inspo # 3: Sincerely, Jules.

I aspire to be more badass like the chick from Sincerely, Jules.
'Nuff said.

Inspo #4: Dana from Daily Dose of Dana

This girl is fifteen, FIFTEEN I tell you!! She puts together great outfits using basic pieces and simple but wicked accessories. For some reason this outfit appealed to me a lot, I think it's the op shop looking shirt and the overall colour palette. Note to self: Invest in more oversized cardis!
Check her out - Daily Dose of Dana

from celebrities... 

#5: Ashley Olsen

How simple is this look, right? But with a scary looking monster bag for your shoulder? I'm in! This pic and the few below are from one of the Mary Kate and Ashley tumblrs but I can't work out which one :S. Oh well, just know that I don't take credit for them, and also you should probs suss out the twins' kickin style if you haven't already! Example: wow:

The Olsens do cool casual so well.

& from other random places Google takes me... 

 From a photo shoot on The Gypsy Collective. Ahoy gorgeous rings!

I really just want some 70s inspired shoes like these... 

Oooohhh and boots like these. 

Need to work out where I found these pics... loving this girl's clothes! Especially the last pic.

And finally! Before you have a photo and inspiration overload... here is the last picture. Oh it is not wintery at all, you might say! Exactly, I reply. But aren't those shorts freeeeaking wicked? Oh yes. Good point, you agree.

So what looks are you hoping to rock this Autumn & Winter? 
OR you might be from overseas and expecting a beautiful Spring/Summer! Got your inspiration sussed?

Til next time...

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