If you can't walk in heels, you may as well not have a vagina

Don't worry, I am totally joking with the title.
Confession time: I'm twenty-one and I can't walk in stilettos.
I can cope with wedges or a chunky heel, but even in those, my feet are bound to be aching within hours. I know I'm probably not alone on this, but it still bugs me a little when I'm lusting for some pretty shoes with dramatic flair such as those pictured below (source: Asos.com):

These eBay babies were $24.50 - not great quality, but I like their look! Sort of like a classier version of the worker boot. And thrown on with a casual outfit like this, they're great to practice in. I sound like a 17 year old, right? Because most people should've either mastered walking in heels, or given up.... Hmm, nah.
Instead I've forced myself to endure at least seven nights of discomfort in heels so far, in between the ages of 18-21, and as my latest purchase indicates, I don't think I'm ready to quit yet!

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