Loitering in the alleyways

Aloha, readers! :) 

You may have noticed that many of the outfit photos I've posted for you in the past have been shot in my backyard, making me look as though I simply get dressed up and take a photo, before returning to watching TV and eating Easy Mac in my pajamas - hey, I'm not arguing that this isn't a great lifestyle! 
But I can assure you, I do get out, I'm just a little put off by the idea of taking photos in public. I feel stupid enough posing in my backyard, let alone trying to choose the right amount of 'seductiveness' or 'sweet ignorance' in my face whilst curious onlookers watch with amusement. 

To strengthen the matter, the last time I decided to take a couple of outfit photos was a bit of a joke. Here's a little recount for your own amusement... 

Sunday evening, Tom and I were on a quick dash to the supermarket (to buy a box of 24 vanilla Drumsticks, no less!) and we finished our shopping before choosing a spot behind the Target complex. I liked the look of their scruffy backdoor; and, ironically, found the "Strictly No Parking at any Time" sign to be inviting.
However, it was around shop closing time, and just as I had leaned against the door and struck a 'Ohhh I'm bored, I might stare at that bush over there' pose, with my neck tilted dramatically to the side,
a man inside started pushing on the door in a struggle to get out. I stepped away, and he wheeled his bike out, saying "Hello" in a low monotone response to Tom's greeting. In embarrassment, I didn't make eye contact at all. 

We tried to continue taking photos once the man and his bike had passed us, but he was watching us in suspicion as he slowly walked down the road, and it was so incredibly awkward. So we bailed.

After that little event, I just wanted anywhere to quickly snap the photos and leave.

So here's the product of that - my casual shopping attire, against a hurriedly chosen wall with minimal decor (see photos below). But luckily, I like it, don't you? Still beats the old backyard :).

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