Snap happy

Photo by Tom Davies

Photo by Tom Davies 

Guess what! (You might actually guess it right)
- I got my camera yesterday!  *Insert childish squeals of delight / overenthusiastic waves of excitement a' la Kermit the frog (see here)*

Finally, some way of capturing moments & pretty sights without the incessant need to "Switch camera off and on" because the camera is struggling to do what it was made for! Sorry, do I sound mean and impatient? Well, pink camera, you're now demoted to festivals and sandy beach days, take that! 
Tiny note: (Yes, yes I do talk to inanimate objects. Don't we all?)

I'm so happy to bring you, lovely blog readers, some decent quality snaps such as those above.
As I'm just learning how to properly use a camera, they can only get better from here! Be very excited. And feel free to share any tips or stories from your own experiences at photography!


Photos explained in order:
- Daisy tries to lick the hands of anyone who comes near
- Snout of Daisy
- A wasp's nest. It's so fascinating being able to watch their activity up close with a macro lens!
- A mossy tree, taken by Tom.
- I saw this wire hanging on our shed and loved its beautiful circular lines. The blur of leaves behind the focus is what I like most.... I think that's a dead cicada attached to it.
- My dog Jaz, eyes wide open
- Me standing in the what we call 'the green room'
- A pinecone.


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  1. Hi hun! thanks for your lovely comments on my blog! :)
    Gosh,this dog is such a cutie!!!!!!!


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