Who DOESN'T love a good bargain?

...Which is exactly why I was viciously elbowed so many times today.

Haha, let me introduce you to Margaret River's fortnightly 'Lion's Shed' sale. It gathers donated clothes, furniture and bric-a-brac, and sells them at low prices you wouldn't expect.
Held in a huge shed [obviously], hosted by tame lions [jokes], you definitely want to get there when the gates open at 8:30 on a Saturday morning.
Because from that point, the large pack of early-bird civilians will just march right in, scan the stock and snap up the best bits within the first minute. You definitely need to be quick at making decisions. Ie. it's best NOT to be me, who, for example, can easily spend seven minutes deciding on which Subway sandwich to go for, and that's before I get to the sauces.

Luckily I had my mum, stepdad, and boyfriend, all there for moral support today. And wow... I'm proud of what our team managed to pull together...

After weeks of looking in second hand shops and chasing misguided Facebook sale posts, Tom and I finally got a couch! Bright blue & the perfect size for our little bungalow, for $30!

This wooden cabinet was difficult to resist, and so handy, for $60.

And THIS is my haul of clothes - some lovely, some I'll cut up, sew, and dye to make into better things.
Guess how much...?

You fill up a plastic bag with whatever you can fit, and you get the whole lot as a package deal. I'll definitely do that again next time, and again and again until I can clothe Ethiopia.

- And a free bracelet

As well as the Lions Shed sale, there also happened to be a garage sale down our road, where we picked up a $10 fan (post-vigorous scrubbing to remove grime):

And also this groovay necklace which the homeowners suspected might be made of bone!

It's actually pretty heavy! I think it looks awesome with floaty, white clothing. $2.

All this has got me keen for doing up our home (I admit I've been lazy so far, but that's gonna change!). We even stopped at the hardware shop and smuggled a mighty bunch of paint tabs - focusing on blue, green, and aqua tones. Remember how I said we were going to paint the ceilings with colour and leave our walls white? We aimed for lighter colours so as not to lower the ceiling too much.

Think this is our winner!
Not too flashy, and it gives a refreshing, calm vibe. Can't wait to fill our bungalow with beautiful things.



  1. Awesome photographs Zannia! I love the rustic styling and your bungalow is cute as! Can't wait to watch the progress. Lion's shed is a must for the bargain hunter to be sure - each of your clothing items cost you a mere 41cents!!! How cool is that??!!

  2. Thanks Rozay!!
    I'll be sure to actually do something now I know people like you are expecting it :P
    And for sure, 40c is a steal! Probably getting the clothes for what they cost to buy from Chinese slave shops in the first place?



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