Once upon a time I may have wondered if giant hedge mazes actually existed - thinking what a fun feature it'd be in your backyard, and how oh-so-lucky my Sims characters were when I spent time making mini pixel hedge mazes for them.

Last Sunday, I realised that I was, in fact, living DOWN THE ROAD from one, real, giant hedge maze!

And so my family and I visited for a little arvo treat.

Amaze'n, Margaret Riveris a big family amusement garden... set up by a couple 17 years ago who still run the show today. Visitors arrive at the site first by entering the park's café (and perhaps buying delicious icecream like we did) and then there is a fee charged before they are able to enter the grounds where the giant hedge maze and several smaller activities are spread out.

The maze, by my standards, is indeed gigantic. You can't see over the hedges, and only sometimes can you see through them. I'm proud to say that my family and I did manage to survive it without sneaking through any branches! Though it was tempting to cheat because we were racing each other to the exit.

Also, yes, we got lost. Which is what you want from a maze like this. Am I right?

Tom ponders the way.... "Didn't we just come from there?"

Taking a break from the race to just stroll and enjoy 

So I probably loved this maze mostly because it reminded me of both Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, and of Labryinth. I kept wanting to see funny little creatures around every corner, and I imagined creepy eyes peering through the branches, watching us. My little brother Louie did a commendable impersonation of Cedric being dragged under the enchanted hedge and I asked the others, 'How cool would it be to be in here at nighttime?!" 
...but I knew Tom was spot on when he teased that I'd be scared out of my wits in such a situation.

Sneaky, sneaky overview


The smaller activities in the rest of the garden were worthwhile, too. Actually, the 'Turn Left Maze' was great for a bit of intellectual challenge - where, obviously, you are only allowed to turn left around the miniature hedge blocks and work your way out by logically deciding how to get there. 

There was also a 'Stepping Stones' puzzle which challenged the hell out of us! You had to follow a sequence of white, red, black - following the painted lines between the stones in order to find your way to the middle one. It's very complex especially if you forget which way you came before each consecutive try. Pretty sure only two out of five of us succeeded.

Lastly, we checked out 'Flying Saucer Hill' which I liked because, in amongst all the creative and complexly grown features, here was one natural hill that had been bought with the property and likened to an image of a flying saucer, so smack boom, here it was, and labelled as an exciting landmark on the map.... brought to you by Amaze'n:

The incredible Flying Saucer Hill

Just so you know, we made good use of it...

Mum rolls down the hill and takes a second to lay there and regain normal functions.... 
I [maturely] yell: "Mum's drunk!" 
Mum: "Ohhhh, I AM drunk, I feel out of it now!" and lays there some more while surrounding picnickers are amused [or judging].

So that's my share of a weekend, hope you enjoyed yours just as much. Has anyone heard about other giant mazes existing? There's got to be some!

Look forward to replying to any lovely comments, as always. 


Oh and one last thing; I wanted to say that I'm not sure why I chose to wear a full-on touristy style hat on this day, but WOW am I glad I discovered it in our home. Bright blue and yellow, with an IN-BUILT SOLAR FAN to cool your face,,, it is definitely WORTH all the capitals in talking about it! Sweet stylin'. 

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