Unexpected Thunderstorms

Hay guise!

Although I didn't expect to own an umbrella by the end of today, I now have a lovely one that I can't wait to use... when it actually starts raining again. You see, Margaret River's weather is so up and down that only your grandparents would be able to keep on track with it lately.
Loverboy & I were running some necessary tasks (and shopping) on the main street, when suddenly, BOOM! (thunder) and shhhhh (rain) hit. We ducked into a few places, hesitating to buy the regular black umbrella that most stores had going on. I know, they look classy; they'd probs scream style along the lines of Chanel in some black and white snaps, but really.. gloomy weather is enough without depressing colours as well...

THEN we stumbled upon Lloyd's (ha! I lie - it wasn't by chance, I love that store!!) and spotted these beauties:

I went straight for the middle one, printed with a cute portrait of old school London & men in top hats.

Pity the sun had chased all the rain away by the time we came out.

But-it wasn't time wasted-

I really adore this mirror and all the ones that are painted/printed similar but in different colours and patterns. A lot of the stuff in Lloyd's is really bright & exotic like this, attracting me like a bee to honey. Wait. Is that a saying? Bee to nectar maybe? That doesn't sound quite as exciting. Maybe like a Pooh Bear to honey. Honey is yum and Pooh Bear is delightfully amusing. Yeah.

*Photo credit: just-pooh.com

So can you spot anything great in there? Really, I couldn't capture it all, there's so much! Definitely worth checking out.

Peace for now.

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