Coloured ceilings

Good morning all,

I wanted to post a pic of what we call the 'bungalow' - the subject of our operation makeover.
It's a little shabby at the moment, but that's where the fun comes in!

What do you think? Can you see its cozy love-shack potential?

Boyfriend and I are in the middle of discussing which colours to paint with, and as I'm currently fixated on coloured ceilings, these are the kinds of images I'm googling & holding in front of his face:

The only thing is that these rooms all have particularly high ceilings, so I'm not sure the effect would be great in our little space. Maybe if the colour is lighter, like the light green, which I think is nice & earthy.
I'm interested to know which colour you would pick, please share!

Once we're done painting, I plan on throwing in all sorts of coloured decorations to go with the ceiling. Here's a drawing that we were playing around with:

And yep, that is a pair of underwear in place of the ceiling! Nice rich green, no?


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